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JAR file is java archive files usually distributed by java developers.  Most mobile phone applications are in the form of jar files for e.g Nokia Mobile phone which runs on Symbian OS. You may sometime want to convert this mobile jar files into exe (executable) to run on PC.

Here is JAR2EXE converter which lets you to instantly lets you to convert a JAR file (MIDP application, such as Nokia Mobile Games) to an EXE file (Win32 NHAL Emulator). You can run the midlets just like what the execution files running on Windows platform.

JAR2EXE  Converter uses midp2exe compiler to convert jar files to exe files. it will copy the output file and the runtime library to the output directory. So you don’t have to type a long command line to compile your JAR file, then manually download the runtime library, unzip and copy to the output directory.

Just select the output directory and the JAR file that you want to convert, then click Compile button, Finally, run the output EXE in the output directory file to test and enjoy.  And if you only want to test the output file, just click Test button. It will run the output file, but will not copy the output file to the output directory.

JAR2EXE Converter

JAR2EXE Convert JAR to EXE

Download JAR2EXE to convert jar files to executable.

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