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100 Responses to 21 About:Config Hacks(Tweaks) For Firefox 3

  • Syahid A. says:

    Nice collection man. Stumbled!

  • Sandip says:

    Thanks Alot Syahid.

  • Andreas says:


    great Post. But there’s a mistake. To enable one close button for all Tabs you has to set

    browser.tabs.closeButtons = 3 (not 2)

  • abhishek says:

    gr8 post…stumbled…neways can you share how you have tweaked daily32 theme?

  • Sandip says:

    @Andreas Thanks for notifying That mistake.

    @abhishek Thanks for Stumble, Tweaking Daily32 Theme isn’t difficult.In case you need this modified theme let me know.its just simple font and header changes.

  • androo says:

    great post… i knew of a few firefox 3 tweaks provided… however, I’ve learned some new ones.. thanks!

  • Dotcommer says:

    Great list, but I’d like to know more about the speed tweaks. Right now, I don’t know much about them, and don’t feel too safe messing around with them.

    Any explanation for those?

  • Fantastic post. Bookmarked for future. Thanks.

  • wicked says:

    to turn off the awsome bar

  • Ralph says:

    This even helps out a no nothing average joe like myself.
    I was stumbling and found this. Cant say thanks enough. I so did not like explorer and have enjoyed using firefox but the speed of pageloading was getting annoying. Thanks to you I am able to really enjoy using firefox.
    My compliments to the chef and thanks again

  • Madhavan M says:

    Very useful….! Goog job dude!

  • Abhi says:

    Great work man…….

    keep up the good work :)

  • lvleph says:

    There is a mistake with view_source.editor.external;false, it should be view_source.editor.external;true. And then view_source.editor.path;Path to Favorite Editor (VIM FTW).

  • Sandip says:

    @lvleph Thanks for notifying that mistake.

  • FredEx says:

    Great firefox 3 tweak list. I’m passing on this URL.

    Problem in #8…you have titlebar twice, one of those should be toolbar.

  • Sandip says:

    @FredEx Thanks, have Rectified.

  • Patrick says:

    Great list. Thanks.

  • Chris says:

    Dude I have been tweaking firefox since I first started using it 2 years ago..I love the fox. And I must say some of your suggestions here are entirely new to me. But before I can attempt them I need some help with this new ff 3. Everytime i go into about:config and change my basic features like nglayout or pipelineing. When I restart ff 3 they are all reset to the original values. Any ideas?

  • CarolinaFaithful says:

    Speed tweaks:

  • chaim says:

    What is the difference if browser.urlbar.autoFill is on or not?

  • neoman says:

    Great List Dude nice Firefox 3 Tweaks. I love Tweaking Firefox 3.

  • Andrew says:

    Between the tweaks in the OP and the tweaks CarolinaFaithful posted, my FF3 is freaking so fast… I took the risk and did Carolina’s tweaks and I can confirm that they work. Go for it! If you don’t like it, just reset all of the tweaks.

  • bootnecksbs says:

    Have tried to reset about:config using suggested restore about:config but I am taken to Google!!! I hope I haven’t messed-up my FF3 by making all the above changes.

  • Rax says:

    The ed2k tweak for Linux users DOESN’T WORK!

    I have tried it several time, always under FF3, and the same happens always… nothing!

    Could any1 please change it by working tweak?


  • Rax says:

    What I would really like to know, is a simple tweak to sort alphabetically the bookmarks, directly on the Bookmarks tab, something like simple right clicking over any folder and choosing “Sort by name”.

  • Matt Ellsworth says:

    great collection. I’ve been looking for several of these and un sure how to do them! thanks!

  • search agent says:

    Firefox is the best no doubt. It is just irritating when the plugins lag behind the updates

  • Veky says:

    Thanks for this.

    I have a question though, does Firefox 3 have a limit on the number of autocomplete items it stores? I’m visiting new sites and they aren’t appearing in the autocomplete list when a letter or several beginning letters are entered. Anyone experienced this?

  • Phurtive says:

    Thanks for these. The network tweaks work REALLY good! More information about the Rich Results can be found here:

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to make a post about these tweaks linking back to you.

  • chaos says:

    Good collection.. all in one place..
    very useful…

  • ho13e says:

    this is a sweet post, well chuffd wif it, thanx maaaaan ;-)

  • Matthew says:

    Excellent! Very good to know.

  • Sp4nk_OS says:

    Very nice list of useful firefox wizadry.

    Just a tiny typo I noticed:
    On 14 you’ve mentioned “Zero is number of seconds” while the correct would be “Zero is number of *mili*seconds”. Just in case someone doesn’t want 0.

  • Str187 says:

    thanx a lot for these…

    it would be much better if you included a piece of information next to the speed hacks…

  • kreaper says:

    for some strange reason i noticed that after doing the “speed tweaks” and only the speed tweaks i had a drop in speed, more to the point certain pages wouldn’t load at all and others lost functionality.

    this page wouldn’t load being one problem had to get google cache to rectify them and social sites ie. facebook half the pages didn’t load/work, all fine after undoing the changes.

  • Manveru says:

    FF still got some nice settings I didn’t know before, thx.
    I personally really like this one:
    Set image.animation_mode to none or once.
    This will play animated images (e.g. gifs) never or just once. Helps to get peace in some annoying ads.

  • norseye says:

    speed tweaks by CarolinaFaithful July 9, 2008 worked well for most sites
    thanks CarolinaFaithful

  • Bill Wren says:

    This is terrific. I’ve made two of your tweaks successfully using the about:config procedure to alter one of the existing settings, but don’t understand how to enter an entirely new setting (browser.urlbar.hideGobutton (boolean) true) to get rid of the go button.

    I can’t figure out how to put a curser in there so I can insert that text.

    Bill W

  • Phil E. Drifter says:

    Totally photoshopped, look at the sha…oh wait, i’m just kidding. Thanks a bunch man, i dragged this url onto my desktop, I will be checkin’ it out tomorrow. I hate (although have been becoming accustomed to in the last 3 days) having a single click in the URL ball select all…i’ve already got my (4-button kensington) mouse set up to double click lower right button and single click lower left button, so i’ve gotten into the habit of clicking ‘left-right’ for 3 clicks, and it drives me batty clicking in the url box. thanks.

  • Dj says:

    Regarding “8 ) Disable Annoying Browser Behavior” shouldn’t it be “set all values to true” and not false to disable the annoying behaviors?

    For example:

    Some of these can be set in the Edit -> Preferences -> Content

    Thank you.

  • amazing post, i love firefox3 its cooolio! its better than google chrome

  • Goji Juice says:

    Nice and informative article…

  • Rob says:

    Excellent article, I’m giving some of these suggestions a test run now.


  • crazyone___ says:

    oh yea !!! tear it up YO!!!

  • apariencia de open office 3.0

  • hello says:

    DJ says: “Regarding “8 ) Disable Annoying Browser Behavior” shouldn’t it be “set all values to true” and not false to disable the annoying behaviors?

    You are right, for example: if you set “dom.disable_window_move_resize” to false, you’ll *cannot* “move or resize” the window opened by the external application (e.g. a little window popped with the choices) If you want to have control over your browser, that entries *must* *be* *set* *to* *TRUE*

    Sandip, you must change that paragraph in the post.

    BTW, cool hacklist. Cheers.

  • Rizvy says:

    Hi all these tweaks u find it bit slower when we are visiting new sites for the first time but it will be much faster when u visit it again another time.thanks for this tweaks

  • pj says:

    how do i set it so that i have a universal close “X” AND a “X” close feature on each individual tab?

    IVE TRIED 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ETC

    it would make sense if this option was “2”, can anyone make this happen PLEASE! it is so much easier to close many tabs using the general close however sometimes i need to only close a few tabs and would like to have an “x” (i know i can right click but im lazy!)

    browser.tabs.closeButtons = 3 (not 2)

  • paco says:

    how do you enable close on all tabs AND have 1 universal master close button at the same time?

  • Hello, Thanks for your great tips on FF. The #18 is very useful for me. I’m a fan of FF but I did not know these tips! I have add to Stumble for later read. Thank you

  • dillu says:

    thank uuu verrrry much …

  • bram says:

    what a nice tips!!
    I like it..thx for sharing

  • Raven says:

    used this and it worked great A+!

  • Jeannie says:

    thank you thank you thank you
    I put that puppy to ZERO!

  • Jon says:

    “6) Disable Blinking Text

    browser.blink_allowed = False”

    Aren’t there some extensions (I believe R.I.P. or Remove It Permanently) for which blinking text is useful?

  • mom says:

    please release a firefox extension to force url as prefix or suffix to page title in firefox titlebar for better parental tracking- or enhanced anti-phishing

    last extension doing this was URL2title

  • Mohan Arun L says:

    I think by disabbling the startup checks for extension compatibility, etc. Firefox will start up sooner. My firefox starts very slowly, I have used Speedyfox but still it is as slow as ever.

  • Oussama-010 says:

    These tricks has been directly copied-pasted from the web.

  • Paul says:

    fire fox won’t copy and past from evony game, like the battle reports, ie does but it lags a lt

  • Sesy says:

    How can i reduce the number of open tab on mozillar to what i want 6,7 or 10

  • Anonymous says:

    About:config, in the way you can customize your browser experience just the way you like it
    is an awesome feature that makes all the difference in the world. It’s one of Firefox’s greatest assets, one that has me remain loyal to Firefox, keeping me from using other browsers. You’ve got a great list of tweaks I haven’t seen anywhere else. Thanks!

  • Heylo says:

    you promised to firefox that you are going to be careful… now you should be punished…

  • youssef mohamed says:

    thank you=like