How to Play .avi (Movie,Video) Files on PlayStation 2 (PS2)

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PlayStation 2 (PS2) could be best device to play games but PS2 has broken many limits of its intentional uses thanks to those programmers for providing such programs.

Here is one more way to use PS2 Unethically, Playing .avi (Movies, Video) files on PlayStation (PS2)

SMS (Simple Media System) is program which lets you to play avi files on your PlayStation 2. PS2 doesn’t support avi files nor does it allows you to play Divx or Xvid encoded videos, but SMS (Simple Media System) solves this problem

Basically SMS allows you to play movies you download from the net (Legally i hope) directly onto your TV set without conversion and directly from your Hard Disc. In order to use this guide you need to have modded PS2 (A system that can play Cross regional games)

Steps to Play .avi (Movie Video) files on PlayStation 2 (PS2)

1) Software Required
SMS (Simple Media System), Sony CDVDgen 1.2, IML2ISO Download here
Nero or any Image Burning Software.
The Videos you wish to play.

2) Create One Folder to place everything in that folder

3) Open Notepad and copy below content as it is (Include 2 blank lines simply press Enter Key 2 time) and save it as SYSTEM.CNF

BOOT2 = cdrom0:\BOOT.ELF;1
VER = 1.00
Blank Line

Blank Line

4) Start Sony CD DVD-ROM Generator 1.2 (Follow below screenshots)

Make DVD PS2

Make DVD PS2

Enter data in Volume Tab (Could be any thing as its really doesn’t matter) Now Drag following files in exact order

BOOT.ELF (rename the file “SMS Version 2.8 (Rev.3).elf” into BOOT.ELF)
Your video files. make sure there is at least 2GB. (these can be any kind of .avi movies)

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CD DVD Generator

5) Chose File -> Export as IML file
6) Start iml2iso and open above saved IML file and Press Start Button (It will take some time)


7) Final Step is to Burn the ISO file on DVD using Nero Like CD/DVD software

See the screenshots below how it will look on PlayStation 2 (PS2)



NOTE: in order for the SMS (Simple Media System) to recognize the external hard disc/flash drive, it must be formatted into FAT system files.



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18 thoughts on “How to Play .avi (Movie,Video) Files on PlayStation 2 (PS2)”

  1. thats really a nice trick to use PS2 as movie player, my little bro has a ps2 going to try this thanks :D
    nice share

  2. Hey that’s a nice trick. I am gonna try that out today. But before that I would like to know if an y one has tried that successfully. I do not want my PS2 to get screwd up after this hack.

  3. Can I use srt or sub files with these method? to view de subtitles? or there is a way to use the?


    BOOT.ELF (rename the file “SMS Version 2.8 (Rev.3).elf” into BOOT.ELF)



  5. Is there a way to play video files on a Playstation 2 without a modified Playstation 2 (regular out-of-the-box PS2)?

  6. hello… the trick did work.. but only half of it… i added 4 vdo files to the list but the ps2 play only the first one… when i try to open the 2nd or the later in the list.. it says detecting media and gets stuck… i’ve tried like 4 dvds.. same with all the dvds…

  7. Sir:
    can i ask for the step-by-step procedures on playing AVI movies saved on hard drive. i have a PS2 which is modded and it has internal hard drive with games on it. i would like to play my AVI movies on my PS2. Please help me. Thanks a lot.

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