How Get Verified PayPal Account with HDFC NetSafe VCC in India

PayPal Verified Account

Being verified Paypal account user has several advantages over unverified paypal account. The process of Paypal account verification is quite easy, you just need to link your Credit card in your Paypal account or use your Debit card to verify Paypal account (For US only).

However this simple process of Paypal account verification can become complicated for India users as owning Credit Card is still not under the reach of many India users and unfortunately Paypal doesn’t accept debit card of any indian Bank making account verification almost impossible for India users.

But there is one simple way to verify your Paypal account with HDFC Account. If you are HDFC account holder then you can take advantage of NetSafe a unique service provided by HDFC.

A Brief about HDFC NetSafe

NetSafe, is a unique online payment solution that offers you complete security while shopping on the Internet. With NetSafe, you can now shop online through a virtual credit card, without revealing your actual HDFC Bank Credit Card number. What’s more, you can now use your HDFC Bank Debit Card also for online purchases.

The Virtual Credit Card created with NetSafe act like real Credit Card with only difference it has fix amount set by you and it can be used only one time.

How to Verify PayPal Account With HDFC NetSafe Virtual Credit Card

1. If you have HDFC Bank Account then do register for HDFC Bank Netbanking

2. You must have HDFC Debit Card on your Name.

3. Now go to and check “Netsafe/ Verified by Visa/ MasterCard SecureCode” and click on register.

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4. On HDFC NetSafe Home Page Click on Register Button for New user. If already have Netsafe account then go to step 7

5. Complete the registration process. You must provide valid HDFC Debit Card Details while Registering for NetSafe Account.

6. Once your NetSafe account is created successfully. Do make sure you have atleast 1.95 USD ~ RS. 200 INR in your HDFC Bank Account.

7. Now Login to your HDFC NetSafe Account

8. We have to generate new Virtual Credit Card, For this Enter amount RS 200 ~ 1.95 USD and click on Go.

HDFC NetSafe for Paypal Verification

9. Now note down Virtual Credit Card Number, CVV2 & Card Expiry Date

10. Login to your Paypal Account

11. Click on Get Verified Link

PayPal Get Verified Link

12. Now enter Your First Name, Select Vista As Card Type, Enter Virtual Card Number in place of Card Number, set Card Epiry date and enter CVV2 number in place of Security Code.

Enter Virtual Credit Card Details

13. Click on Save and Continue

Here comes the tricky part, most of the users who have attempted to use NetSafe have failed to find Paypal code as you never get transaction statement of Virtual Credit Card in your actual HDFC Account statement and unfortunaly HDFC Customer Care wont help you in this case.

However your NetSafe account does report transaction details of all Virtual Credit Cards you have created and used online but the link to Transaction Details is not easily accessible. Follow below steps to get Paypal code from Netsafe Card Transaction Details.

14 Login to Your HDFC Netsafe Account

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15. Now click on All Accounts/Services link

NetSafe All Accounts-Services Link

16. You will be greeted with Select to Pay Page. At bottom of the page you have following links ,

Back, Card List, Txn. Details, Logoff

View Transaction Details NetSafe

Click on Txn. Details, That’s link to access Transaction Details of All used Virtual Credit Cards

17.  You can easily spot Paypal Verification code under Merchant column, note down that code.

NetSafe Transaction Details

18. Go back to your Paypal Account and again click on get Verified Link

19. Now Enter 4 digits Paypal Code which you have got from step 17 and click on Submit.

Enter PayPal Code

20. You will be greeted with Your Account is Verified Now.

Verified PayPal Account Message

That’s you have done it, Now you can enjoy features of PayPal Verified Account.



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46 thoughts on “How Get Verified PayPal Account with HDFC NetSafe VCC in India”

  1. Thanks for the explanation dude.. Will try it out.

    Owning a credit card requires lot of qualifications in India! not just the account balance. So this is a better solution.

  2. hi,
    i have one doubt, actually the credit card number is randomly generated and valid for 24 hrs only, In case if i want purchase something using paypal after 2 days, how can i pay..
    how transaction will be carried out with my previous card number??..can any one explain please..

  3. If I am right, you can always add credit cards once you are verified. So no need to verify everytime you add a new card.


  4. As far as I know, I have verified paypal accounts earlier and paypal detected this workaround after 3 months, It limited the account with all the money in it, You can not be sure of this method

  5. Hi guys,

    This method used to work until last year, however due to RBI intervention paypal had stopped accepting Netsafe cards by HDFC and for that matter all indian VCC’s.

    So could you guys confirm if you have used this method lately for making purchases using Paypal


  6. Hi,

    yeah I tried this method just now and I can confirm that it still works. After confirmation, just create a new Netsafe card for your shopping.

    Hope this helps.

  7. I share Pritam’s problem.

    Sandip, I’ve tried making a payment using my Credit Card and HDFC Netsafe – but both options failed. Paypal says the bank has denied the transaction. There are sufficient funds in the accounts. I am curious to know if there’s a solution to this.

    The HDFC Cust. Care guys say this is technical glitch from Paypal.

    Please help!



  8. That’s cool…… Only because of you i have got verified in PAYPAL…. I was trouble to find out the statement…Thanks a lot…. Thanks

    Genius Man…

  9. Good day ppl,
    I have a paypal account ,i managed to link my Hdfc bank account to it,i dont have a credit card …am aware of netsafe virtual card……can i pay for a product on ebay using this net safe card without verifiaction an all that – like i have a paypal account and payment by this netsafe card just for buyin a product on ebay…will this work need to know b4 i click on the option ‘Commit to Buy’….pls help guys would appreciate if u can mail me a detailed reply-Thanks guys

  10. Hello Friends

    This is really very nice idea, but may I know the validity of the HDFC Netsafe card?
    or can I do tha My Kotal Mahindra Bank account?

  11. the only problem is that netsafe card is only for one use and for getting the net safe card verified one then uses the card thereafter the netsafe card cannot be used. so the procedure does not work

  12. @venkat

    That is why I mentioned that after verification, for each of your shopping purposes, create a new netsafe card and add it to your Paypal account. Paypal only verifies the first card. Once the verification is done on one card, you can go on adding any number of cards use them for shopping. Paypal will not verify those cards.

    Atleast in my case, it did not do so. I created a netsafe card x and used that for verification. After verification, obviously the card x got disabled. Then I created a new netsafe card y and added that to my paypal account. This time paypal did not ask for verification. In the vendor site, when purchasing an item, it asked me to login into paypal where I could select the card y and use that for shopping. I had used this method for buying an item from in Aug09. I can confirm that it had worked and since then I have got the delivery also.

  13. Thanks Sandip.
    I have successfully verified my paypal account with HDFC netsafe card. Its a vary informative article.

  14. hello….
    any one can help with using hdfc cc or netsafe on paypal…as mentioned in above posts i have tried the same and netsafe card gets verified and linked properly but transaction fails stating ISSUER HAS DENIED, callig up HDFC callcentre is just waste of time, its been more than 48hrs but still no revert from them…

    early reply will be highly appreciated…


  15. @preetesh

    1. can this method also be
    used for receiving payments via paypal.
    2. how this differs from ICICI’s BranchFree Banking

    thanks in advance, your information wd help to decide between icici/hdfc/other options

  16. @cs ms
    I’m sorry but I’m not aware about both the queries you have posted. Also, I have never used ICICI..

  17. Sharon,

    Pls share the way you were able to use HDFC card on paypal for sending money !!! as per your post it seems you were successful.

    I have been trying like hell and its not working i have even spoken to paypal to disable dynamic convertor as per revert from hdfc but still of no use…and trust me talking to HDFC people is just of no use…i m planning to file a complaint as per TRAI for no support or just artical in news paper….

    awaiting your earliest reply ….

  18. Guys,

    Pls note getting verified is no issue it works well….concern here is sending money through paypal using hdfc card or netsafe vc.

  19. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am so much thankfull to you. I have just verified my paypal account with hdfc netsafe. With method given by you, it worked so nicely.

    Thank you so much for providing such step by step instructios.

  20. @Sandip
    Hi Sandip! Your work is absolutely worth appreciation but i wanted to point out a thing, you have said “…complicated for India users as owning Credit Card is still not under the reach of many India users and unfortunately Paypal doesn’t accept debit card of any indian Bank making account verification almost impossible for India users.” but as I was surfing through I came over an article in which it made possible to open an account on with Debit card from State Bank of India. Just thought you can go through it.
    Thanks ;)

  21. I didnt work for me . When I try to set the limit, its saying “Amount is greater than that is permitted for this account” . When I called up HDFC , they are saying that its not possible to create netsafe card with debit card.

  22. i have a problem with netsafe. when i going to add 200 to my limit it says “Transaction Amount greater than that permitted for this account”, why it is happening, as i have a balance available., please help solving this, my id is

  23. HDFC executive said that i can use netsafe having any hdfc account…i am receiving the same error.

  24. yes im having the same problem , and before another problem was there which says netsafe card creation for debit card is not available due to system maintenance.

  25. It is asking for confirmation of the new cards also.. Somehow by luck I think it has worked for you previously.. This procedure is good for verifcation but after verification it can’t be used for shopping.. :-((((

  26. Hi.. As you have explained above I successfully got my netsafe card verified. However the same card cannot be used for shopping since the transaction is declined(it says the bank issuer denied the transaction). I added a new netsafe card to paypal but it is asking for a new confirmation. So again this is not going to work. Is there any other way?

  27. Not true.. Netsafe card can be created with HDFC mastercard international debit card.. It can be used in sites with mastercard secure code..

  28. Hey dude this method worked for me, But as soon as my paypal account verified they Limited it saying Unusual credit card activity detected. I had added my card then I instantly got the code on my Netsafe card. Do you know any specific reason as to why my paypal account got limited?

  29. the netsafe card can be used only once …
    once the paypal deducts its $1.96 the card is marked as used.
    Hence u cant use this card for any further transactions.

    Every netsafe card u create will have this problem.
    Though u can use the $1.96 credited to ur paypal account. !!!

  30. I have done all the above and my paypal account also verified using netsafe but still I could not send payment , receive an error message as the card issuer is decling. Really depressed what to do

  31. Is it a good idea to buy a PayPal vcc from Auction Essistance if I cannot get my own card?

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