How to Clear Cache From Samsung Smart TV

Is your Samsung SMART TV working slow? Maybe it’s time to cache clean up!

Some people know the meaning of cache and its effects, but what they generally do! Let’s get an idea of what drawbacks you can face in the long run:

We know the importance of clearing cache from our smartphones and laptops, but we never think about clearing cache from our Samsung Smart TVs. Every device stores files in cache memory and cookies to make it faster and fetch you the information whenever required. But sometimes, these caches and cookies could be the reason for slow performance in browsing and streaming favorite web series, movies, or games on your SMART TV.

Clearing cache is a healthy practice for all your electronic devices. It speeds up your device, increases performance, and protects your device from harmful malware you might encounter while browsing.

Benefits of Clearing Cache on Samsung Smart TV

You must also clear up unused applications on your TV to clear up space and increase efficiency. Cleaning up your SMART TV once in a while will help the device function smoothly and last longer.

Myth associated with clearing cache

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Some people believe that removing cache will lead to removed logins, passwords, settings, etc. Is it true?

Remember, Clearing the cache simply clears temporary files. It won’t erase login credentials, downloaded files, or custom settings.

Before moving ahead, understand what cache is?

Every device has separate storage space for quick access; it has files, scripts, and images when you visit a website or play online games and use various applications. The space gathers information every time you visit to reduce load time.

It gathers information like location, the device you use, the time you have spent on a particular type of content. Basically, it observes user behavior it helps in enhancing user experience. It isn’t inherently important, as it works as temporary storage to improve the user’s performance.

In spite of the many benefits it has, there are some drawbacks too. It slows down your device. We invest a hefty amount in electronic devices for a great experience.

How can cache turn your quality time into a nightmare?

A person invests thousands in getting a SMART TV as it is generally a personal investment. A family sits together to play games or watch their favorite web series or movies but fails to experience the premium quality because of the presence of cache files and cookies. It reduces the speed at which we play online games and stream videos. The longevity of your SMART Tv reduces when we fail to clear cache files and cookies timely.

How to Delete App Cache on your Samsung Smart TV

Clearing cache is very much similar to how we do on our smartphones or any other device.

  1. Turn on your SAMSUNG Smart TV
  2. Press the HOME button on your remote
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Select Apps
  5. Open system apps
  6. Select the app where you want to clear the cache files
  7. Select Clear Cache
  8. Select OK to confirm.
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When you talk about the steps mentioned above, it removes the cache of that particular application. It may take some time if you haven’t cleared the cache in recent times. You can repeat the same process for each application whose cache memory you want to remove. It is as simple as eliminating cache on any device, and you can do it without any assistance.

What to do if the Samsung TV is still slow after removing the cache?

If you still face some slow performance-related issues, then you may try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it, which will fasten up your TV’s performance in no time.

Guide for better functioning of your Samsung smart TV

We mentioned earlier about clearing cache files and now let’s discuss how to remove cookies or to browse data in your SMART TV, a step by step guide on how to do it:

Time to clear up some storage space and enhance your experience of owning a SMART device,

  1. Switch on your Smart TV.
  2. Tap the Home Button directly on your TV’s remote.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Choose Broadcasting
  5. Then, Choose Expert Settings
  6. Select the HbbTV settings.
  7. Tap on Delete Browsing Data.
  8. Tap on Yes

Let’s discuss the benefits of clearing cache from your Samsung Smart TV in detail:

1. Increases Speed & Performance –

Cache memory affects a lot in speed and performance of your device. If you haven’t cleared it in a while, your device might be working slow; hence it is advisable to clear the cache memory and notice the difference.

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2. Protection from Harmful Malware –

Malware can attack your TV in negative ways, and they attack because people tend to forget to clear cache memory. The viruses can harm your TV; hence it is advisable to clear cache and protect your SMART tv from different viruses and malware. It is not time-consuming, but remember it is essential for the better functioning of your Smart TV in the long run.

3. Enhances Browsing Experience –

Your browsing experience instantly improves with clearing cache memory. Speed is not the only thing that sometimes enhances a few websites’ performances degrade because of uncleared cache files.

4. Enhances Online Gaming Experience –

Clearing cache files and cookies will instantly improve your experience of playing online games, the increase in storage capacity and the capacity to network fast enhances the overall user experience.

Maintenance of Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV isn’t high maintenance. You may wipe it with a soft cloth for the outside, and cleaning cache files and cookies work wonders for the regular inside. It gives you smooth browsing and streaming experience. You can enjoy your family time, games night, movie night, and a lot more. Regular maintenance of the device will help you save servicing costs.

Wrapping up

We hope the article helps you in the right ways and you enjoy a great experience, whether it’s OTT Platforms, Online games, or Web browsing. Let us know how do you take care of your SAMSUNG Smart TV?



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