Aorus Engine – What It Is? and How to Download & Use?

Aorus Engine also called as Aorus Graphics Engine, an utility offered by Gigabyte is less popular and unexplored software. While those few do know about Aorus Engine often wonder what it is and how to download and use it. Continue reading to understand everything about Gigabyte Aorus Engine.

What is Aorus Engine?

All about Gigabyte Aorus Engine

You might think “Aorus” to be an engine, as the name specifies; however, it is not. The Aorus Engine, in reality, is a practical, lightweight software manufactured by Gigabyte USA. It has comprehensive features to assess your PC’s video, its thermal performance, processing speed, overclocking, RGB, and much more. Thus using the Engine, you can monitor your PCs easily. It helps you to optimize your PC’s overall performance. You might misunderstand it to be a Chinese brand like most of them usually do; however, it’s originated in Singapore.

Gigabyte’s Aorus Graphics Engine is used for better performance of its graphics cards. Moreover, the best part of the Aorus is that it does not harm your device’s health or performance. This makes it safer, more accessible, and an effective tool for overclocking, monitoring, and optimization. Tools like Aorus are beneficial for pro gamers as they need a faster processing speed for a flawless gaming experience.

How to Download Aorus Engine?

Whether Windows 7 or 10, Aorus is well optimized to serve your PCs irrespective of the updated or outdated models. Gigabyte’s Aorus Engine is freeware software. However, we recommend downloading a zipped file of the same.

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The following are the ways to download the Aorus Engine on your PC:

  • Click here to download the zipped file of Aorus Engine from Gigabyte website.
  • Click on to download the file, and you will be prompted for the same
  • Your default browser will open the link as to whether you want to continue with your browser or open it with Google Drive

How to Install Aorus Engine?

Once you download Aorus engine installer, follow below steps to complete its installation and start using it.

  • Locate downloaded AORUS ENGINE exe file and double click to start installation.
  • Click on ‘Yes’ on security warning & User access control dialoue box.
  • Click on Next button on Setup wizard, browse and select the location to save installation files it to default.
  • Specify the desired start menu folder and check the box if you want to have desktop icon and click Next & Install button to complete installation.
  • Click on Finish button after completing the Aorus Graphics Engine setup wizard.

Now, you are all set to access the Aorus Engine, but to avoid a mishap, let’s have a glance over how you can use the Aorus Engine!

How to Use Aorus Engine?

Gigabyte’s Aorus is an efficient and effective tool with an easy-to-use GUI. Moreover, it is simpler and more efficient to use a tool that helps manage your device easily for a competitive edge gaming experience over your ordinary PCs.

The best part is that you need not spend any money. This is because the app is free to download by Gigabyte itself. It is believed that these overclocking tools are not harming your device’s health, but it does not apply to some like ASUS and Aorus.

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The following are the steps that will make your experience with using Aorus Engine easier:

  • Click the file at its location to access and open the Aorus Software

All about Gigabyte Aorus Engine

  • Then, a home screen will appear where a suite of Aorus functions’ including the overclocking menu, will appear on your monitor.
  • Select the processes that you want to avail for your PCs. Just don’t select them randomly; select only when you’re sure about the purpose that they would serve. Else, it might be dangerous for your device.
  • Choose three suitable profiles per your desired interest, and the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) will be set accordingly.
  • Now navigate to GPU, and you will see the GPU boost bar. Swipe to slide the bar to overclock or reduce the clocking speed and do accordingly as per your preferences.
  • Now, the thermal performance of your CPU  that plays a crucial role in optimizing your device’s health is necessary to manage. For that, navigate to the fan options in Aorus. If you have the proper knowledge for optimization, then set it as per your preferences. Else, you choose the Auto option that will help you get the ideal cooling benefits that your PC needs.
  • Now afterward, navigate to the bottom right corner having the System Monitoring. After doing it, you can assess your system usage statistics and much more.
  • Another step is to go to LED lighting options. Then, choose the desired color or lightning effect required to personalize your RGB lighting. The former and latter give a more forefront view of how it helps!
  • You can turn on monitoring view by clicking on “Monitor Off” icon located at the bottom right corner.
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Aorus Engine Monitoring Module

How to Fix Aorus Graphics Engine Not Opening

There might be two reasons for the same, so we will deal with two guides to resolve the issue:

1. Corrupted Files

Let’s discuss the guide to fix it:

  • Search for C:\Program Files (×86)\GIGABYTE\AORUS ENGINE\FLedApi.DLL
  • After that, if you find it on your device, then go to the folder.
  • Now delete the file. Open your AORUS Engine, and it will open normally. Navigate to its settings.
  • Now, check if it has any latest updates.
  • Your AORUS engine will detect some missing data.
  • Then you will be prompted to download the missing part of the module. It would be the module that you had initially deleted.

However, this time it would now open your AORUS engine, and to your surprise, it would function normally.

2. Reinstall Aorus Engine

  • Uninstall your Aorus Engine
  • Again follow the steps mentioned above to download the Aorus Engine.
  • Then reinstall and set up the Aorus Engine again.

Now, it would work well! You get to go to fix your graphics.

The Wrap Up

To become a gaming pro, you might often break the barriers in overconfidence, leading to trouble and then regret. In the same case with overclocked software, choosing the right one will slowly affect your devices’ health.

Moreover, though it assesses your PC, it does not try to access your data. It just traverses to consider the issues so that any potential threats can be monitored well. Besides, it cooperates with your PC’s overclocking well-being. Moreover, if you’re worried about your data’s security, you need not be as it prevents data loss.



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