Services with Anime Library Online: What to Choose for a Date

For some people, the perfect date is watching anime with someone they love. That’s understandable because nothing is better than sinking in the comfy couch with a big bag of chips and a season of the favorite anime. However, some anime fans are still too shy to talk about their passion because they think people won’t understand. Some won’t, but those people are irrelevant; it’s impossible to impress everybody. But looking at the profile description on numerous online dating services makes it clear that many singles worldwide aren’t ashamed of their love for anime. They mention it on their profiles because they are tired of dating people who don’t understand them. Once they meet someone who shares their passion, starting a relationship online is much simpler.

Hours fly on chat when two anime fans meet. Sometimes they don’t like each other’s taste for anime, but it’s still better than meeting someone who doesn’t respect that kind of art. And the number of singles openly expressing their affection for Japanese animated movies is growing quickly. The best anime dating sites are getting new members every day because people realize it’s possible to meet single anime lovers seeking love. Some sites are made especially for geeks and anime experts. Others are general but have huge communities. Many of them appreciate the art behind anime. Now when you know you aren’t alone, and there are millions of people like you, let’s check out the best online libraries for binge-watching anime.

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Almost everybody has Netflix or uses a friend’s account, yet it’s underrated when it comes to anime. Although it’s not only for anime, Netflix offers a decent choice to fans of Japanese animated movies. Naruto and One Piece are there to satisfy the needs of a wide audience. Some less-known titles are there for those who want to give something new a try. It’s pointless to mention how good Netflix is for dates because Netflix and Chill became one of the most famous terms in dating.


While Netflix is for everybody, 9Anime is only for anime fans. Another difference is the price. 9Anime is a 100% free anime site; there’s no need to ask a cousin to share account info. The site is easy to navigate, thanks to alphabetical order. It features most titles, so even the hardcore fans can find their favorite animes. The biggest downside of the site is loading speed which isn’t as good as it could be. However, it’s a free anime site, don’t split hairs. Loading speed could be even worse, and 9Anime would still have thousands of fans because they upload new episodes immediately after airing in Japan.


After a free anime site, we’ll mention another premium streaming service. Funimation is like Netflix, but for anime only and with lower prices. For $99 a year, fans can enjoy numerous benefits Funimation offers. It’s popular in the west because almost every anime ever can be streamed on Funimation. The streaming speed is amazing, as well as the design. Everybody can find their favorite titles quickly. There won’t be any awkward silences on a date while you wait for the site to load. It’s possible to buy manga on Funimation, making it one of the best premium platforms to get the finest of Japan.

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AnimeFreak is possibly the simplest free anime streaming site. The design is simple and looks outdated, but that doesn’t bother true anime fans. Many dates evolve from boring to exciting with the help of AnimeFreak. The site works well on all devices, which makes watching anime on the go possible. Because of that, couples who spend their time outside or in the car can still enjoy the latest anime episodes in 1080p quality. There isn’t much about AnimeFreak other than streaming anime, but it has a chat where fans can exchange opinions. Although it’s safe and no one complains about any issues, it’s always better to use some of the best portable antiviruses. That makes sure your dates won’t get destroyed because of some malicious software attached to your device.


We’ll close the list with another free anime site that looks like it doesn’t work but offers tremendous value. SoulAnime has a terrible design, but that doesn’t take anything from its functionality. The site loads quickly and doesn’t smother users with too many ads. Many couples use it for date nights because of that (and the fact it’s free). Finding desired titles is simple, although SoulAnime features almost every anime title released in Japan.

Watching anime with someone you met on an Anime online dating site is one of the best ways to start a relationship. It’s much simpler to go through the awkward silence on the first date when your favorite anime character keeps screaming.



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