Valorant – Riot’s Attempt at a New Genre

Valorant-New Genre

Not a lot of gaming companies and developers can boast multiple titles at the upper echelon of the industry. Riot is one of the ones that has explored different genres, and found enormous success, the fact becomes even more impressive when you take into account that they did it without relying on their most famous title, League of Legends.

Valorant was released last year in June, 2nd and instantly had a massive following from Riot fans that were eagerly awaiting for their favorite company’s new title. There really aren’t any things that deviates extremely from other titles of the same genre. Riot took the best pieces of its competitors like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch, while adding their own personality and flair to the game.

The games debut wasn’t perfect and net code, as well as performance had its issues early on, nonetheless continuous improvements and support would eventually correct those things, and leave Riot fans, and FPS players with a brilliant first person shooter. Decades of Counter Strike dominance left players without a worthy successor, but ever since Valorant was released the community had a great option.

What Makes Valorant Unique

Valorant has a very cartoonish look to it, but it is extremely competitive in nature. Just like its brother League of Legends, players can spend countless hours trying to rank up and achieve the highest honors and status in the game. Naturally ranked matchmaking has its flaws, and anyone who ever tried to rank up in online games has been met with ELO hell, if you are suffering from that problem, you can buy high rank Valorant account to make sure you play high-quality games and enjoy your time in Valorant.

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Ranked matches can last thirteen rounds, which roughly translates into thirty to forty minutes, while joining matches and finding them is easy, it does require a big time commitment to actually improve. This game follows a very similar structure to League of Legends, it has six ranks: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal and Radiant. Except for the last two all of them have three tiers which must be surpassed to level up.

For the more casual gamers there are other modes with which the game can be enjoyed. The standard plant and defuse bombs derived from CS:GO is the only ranked version in the game, it also has an unranked version that serves as practice, and straight up fun to players. If you are a more casual player Valorant also offers following modes:

  • Spike Rush – A shortened version of the plant/defuse game.
  • Deathmatch Mode – At a randomly selected map fifteen players test their skill against other competitors until someone reaches forty points.
  • Escalation – A 5v5 mode where players have individual weapons or abilities per level, and the first one to twelve points, or the team that is ahead at ten minutes wins.

Not everyone feels comfortable jumping right into action. That’s why Valorant has a very good tutorial – even if simple – tutorial that helps players understand the basics of the game, in addition to assisting them to better optimize their mouse sensitivity, which honestly can be one of the hardest parts for new players. On top of the tutorial players can count on three practice game modes, that can be extremely valuable as they emulate the game how it is, they are:

  • Shooting Test – A myriad of challenges designed to test a player’s skill with multiple weapons
  • Spike Defuse – Simulation of defusing the spike by defeating enemies before the clock runs out.
  • Spike Planting – Opposite of defusing, players are tasked with planting the Spike, and fighting off enemies until the detonation happens.
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Notably, Valorant can be just as challenging and complex as League of Legends, which among other things is famed by its steep learning curve and competitive nature. In Valorant, players get a more mature and thoughtful company that obviously spent more time and resources making sure they accommodate all types of players.

Valorant Protocol

An organization founded upon mysterious events; the Valorant Protocol’s roster consists of all the playable characters in the game. Those characters are called agents, and those sixteen agents come from all types of different backgrounds. Players are invited to pay attention amidst all the chaos of matches for pieces of lore, and stories that are told through character interactions.

While most first person shooter games have a roster of bland characters who lack a personality, and can be fully customized through different loadouts, in Valorant they each belong to a different category, that serves different tactical strategies of the Valorant Protocol. These categories are

  • Duelists – A class of characters that relies mostly on his own mastery of the game, reflexes and mechanics to acquire high body counts, and scout engagements for their team.
  • Controllers – These characters are experts in infiltrating unknown hostile areas of the map and setting up their team for successful infiltrations. They serve to control areas, as their name describes.
  • Initiators – True to their name they are the players that are unafraid to dive head-first into areas they know is populated with enemies.
  • Sentinels – Are the defensive characters in the game, both in offensive and defensive aspects they can lock down areas and spot their allies for flanking movements.
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A well-balanced draft is important, and a widely spread group of friends among categories can help new groups of players to win games. Obviously like any FPS game there’s an immense focus on movements, positioning, and specially reflexes to succeed in Valorant.

Spike Planted

Valorant is an amazing game that can be equally enjoyable with friends for casual fun but can also be scratch the competitive itch of hardcore FPS players. An entirely different game than CS:GO, and Overwatch, the game might feel like just another shooter on the surface, but to the trained eyes Valorant feels, looks, and plays very differently from its competitors.

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