What Could Be the Future of Headphones?

Future of Headphones

Statistically, people spend on average 18 hours per week listening to music. It shouldn’t be surprising then that the headphones industry is developing so rapidly. With the new technology, listening to music is now a completely different experience than it used to be back in time. We search for the best headphone technology that can provide us with the best audio quality.

So, if the technology is that promising, and we’re keener and keener to listen to our favorite songs played in the background in almost every situation during the day, what is the future of headphones? If you want to be up to date with the newest headphone trends, visit Headphones Addict and get to know which technologies used in the audio are on the top now. And if you want to see what you can expect in the nearest future, continue reading.

Wireless Earphones

Wireless earphones don’t surprise anybody today. Apple revolutionized the audio market by making the AirPods one of the most desirable accessories in the world. Their great popularity made the headphones designers willing to adopt this idea. Wireless Bluetooth earphones are incredibly convenient, but unfortunately, the sound quality is definitely better in the devices with wires.

The wireless headphones from the future would provide its user with high-quality so that they wouldn’t have to choose between convenience and audio experience. What’s more, their design and UX are also worth a moment of consideration.

On the market, there are already headphones that can fit different shapes of ears. But to make the devices as convenient as ever, the headphones from the future could meld to our ears and create a space for sounds adjusted to our physicality. We can be sure that the era of wired headphones is in the latter part of its life.

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Artificial Intelligence

If the headphones from the future would be able to meld to our bodies, would they also integrate with our minds? Artificial intelligence can be the future of audio products. It wouldn’t allow the headphones to control our minds but would help provide us with new experiences while listening to music.

AI used in headphone technology can understand the user better. Imagine that your headphones know what you like and automatically choose the music depending on the situation. AI technology would probably make the sound automatically adjust. What does it mean? It means that you’d hear the music in the way that was initially intended. AI technology would recognize the situation you’re in and adjust your music to the external circumstances.

Don’t forget that aside from listening to music, we use audio technology and sound detection to communicate with our Siris and Google Assistants. AI can better integrate with our digital assistants to use them wherever we are, with the phone in our hands, or without it. It would be possible to control through them the smart houses or devices at work.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Some of the technological innovations are used to provide people with the experience of different realities. That technology would be instrumental in gaming so that the players could separate themselves from the external reality and immerse in the world’s sound from the VR game they play.

AR experience can be achieved by playing 3-D audio annotation to the users’ ears and combining them with audio sounds from the real world. The technology should fully use the noise cancellation technique so that users can hear only the desirable sounds that match the gaming elements.

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AR technology aims to provide additional information through sound, but you should be in charge of what you hear in the headphones from the future. AR headphones would make it possible to decide how much of the real world you want to hear. You can choose how much of the realism you want to reject and all of that could be steered by your virtual assistant. AR technology used in headphones can revolutionize the gaming industry.

The Final Word

Most of those ideas already exist in some capacity and are probable to appear on the market within a few years. Some of the solutions are even available to buy right now. The technologies mentioned above have been with us for some time. Now the ideas are being developed and expanded to give the users the best audio experiences. It’s not a science-fiction dream. Technological advancements revolutionize almost every aspect of our life using IR and AR technology, including the audio industry.

The global earphones and headphones market was valued at USD 25.1 billion in 2019 and is expected only to grow. With the new technologies and vast sums of money invested in that industry, we can expect to see the technologies we would have never dreamt about.



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