The Tower of Babel: Is Worldwide Collaboration Finally Possible? [Infographics]

For years, the biggest problem for international collaboration has been the language barrier. Today, these barriers have become more flexible, and some of them have vanished completely. Now, we have many new technologies available that allow us to deal with problems by ourselves or waste our employees’ time; for example, Artificial Intelligence enables us to optimize our systems. There is no longer a need for full support staff.

AI or Human Intelligence?

Although AI-powered systems have become more powerful, they still can’t compare to human capabilities. In theory, Google Translate can help you with every language you can imagine, but the more complicated texts are far beyond its reach regarding grammar and style.

If you’re engaged in international business, using multiple languages is a necessity. Besides meeting people from all over the world, who mostly can speak English, you have to prepare various documents, marketing campaigns, or product and company information.

Human translators are the only ones who can assure the best quality of translation. When choosing a translator, it’s important to remember that not anyone will know the technical vocabulary necessary for some fields. Reliable companies, like Architekst, for example, offer translation services for different areas. Some of the employed translators specialize in marketing, medicine, cuisine, etc.


Translators are not only language experts, but also every one of them can localize your products. Creativity and the ability of abstract thinking is something that machines don’t possess. They can comprehend the diversity of a language and bring life to the content. Even the most sophisticated machine won’t be able to create a localized text that matches other cultures and traditions.

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The Bottom Line

Running a business never was an easy job, but now it’s even more complicated. Globalization made it easier to work with numerous people; it simplified the collaboration between nations and has created more demand for specialized services. The process of choosing the right translation service may be crucial for the future of a company. Always make sure that you select a company that works only with human translators. This way, you are guaranteed an accurate high-quality translation that conveys the right tone.



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