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“Nintendo Machine”, “Game Boy”, “Sega MD” – we believe these terms have been the best partners of many friends in their childhood. However, with the unstoppable iron hoof of the times, these game machines that have brought us countless fun have already been kicked off the stage of history. Fortunately, in the modern expansion of Silicon Crystal technology, the hardware of Android devices is getting stronger and stronger. Many mobile phones claim that the performance is better than the old X-box consoles. We can run a variety of retro games on the android device via game machine emulators to relive the fun of childhood gaming.

Today, we have collected some Android emulators for emulation of classic Nintendo games, so that you can use these Android emulators to regain the happiness that the old games have brought us. Of course, friends who have never played these games can also use these Android emulators to experience the quality games from the old times.

Note: Due to the differences in various Android devices in terms of hardware and software, We can not guarantee that all Android devices will provide the exact same result. As the emulation of a game requires more CPU power than GPU, the emulator output will definitely differ over the wide range of android processors.

Check out the list of best NES emulators for Windows.

Nintendo Emulators For Android

Nintendo is synonymous with gameplay. For years, the gameplay has been a sharp shield for Nintendo, which has almost flattened the entire gaming industry and has also cut the upper limit of gameplay. The red and white machine (NES/FC) of the 1980s is the starting point of Nintendo’s hegemony. Now, we can use the Android emulator of the new era to relive the Contra, the tank war, the ninja that made us so fascinated along with Dragon Sword and of course, Super Mario. 

1. Nes.emu

Nes.emu specifications:

Name of software: NES.emu
Software version: 1.5.37
Size of software: 1.8MB
Software license: Paid

Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.explusalpha.NesEmu&hl=en

NES.emu is a paid Android NES/FC (red and white machine) simulator that sells quite well on the Google Play market. In fact, there are many Android game simulators with emu suffixes, covering GBA, MD, and other platforms. NES.emu’s Android NES/FC red and white machine simulator is quite simple to use and its efficiency is also good.

Given below are some NES.emu interface screenshots:

NES.emu main menu

NES.emu emulation settings

To load a certain game ROM to run the game, no special changes are needed to be done to the interface.

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NES.emu game snap

2. Nostalgia.NES

Nostalgia.NES specifications:

Name of software: Nostalgia.NES
Software version: 1.17.2
Size of software: 2.1 MB
Software license: Free
Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nostalgiaemulators.neslite&hl=en

Nesoid is another Android NES/FC red and white machine simulator developed by Yong Zhang. Each emulator has its own advantages. Nostalgia.NES can measure the frame rate of the game being emulated in the emulator in real time. Nostalgia.NES also supports multi-touch virtual keyboards. It can be enabled in the settings. Neosoid supports Bluetooth controllers as well which is a great deal considering its just a free NES emulator. 

Here are some screenshots from Nostalgia.NES emulator:

Nesoid emulation settings

Nesoid gamesnap

Here are the Sega Genesis emulators and Sega Dreamcast emulators.

Nintendo Super (SNES/SFC) Emulators For Android

SNES/SFC is a game console released by Nintendo in 1991. The hostname is Super Nintendo. In fact, by observing the name, it can be said that for any revision of the previous generation super host, the main competitor was contemporary 16-bit game machine such as Sega MD. There are also many classic masterpieces and famous Nintendo stars such as Uncle Mario which have entertained us on this new platform.

1. SNESoid

SNESoid specifications:

Name of software: SNesoid
Software version: 2.2.4
Size of software: 683KB
Software License: Free
Download link: https://snesoid.en.uptodown.com/android

SNesoid is an Android SNES/SFC emulator. It is also developed by Yong Zhang and it is quite similar to Nesoid. The fine tradition of supporting Bluetooth controller has also been inherited. This emulator is quite powerful, not only can perfectly restore the picture and sound of the super game but also can support some accessories such as laser guns.

Here are some screenshots from SNESoid:

GBCoid emulation settings

GBCoid game snap

GBC is not the ultimate form of Gameboy. Nintendo further improved Gameboy in 2000. They improved its performance and launched the Gameboy Advance (GBA).

Want to know what are best Android emulators for Windows?

Nintendo GBA (Game Boy Advance) Emulators For Android

1. GameBoid

Game Boid specifications:

Name of software: Nintendo GBA Simulator GameBoid
Software version: 2.4.7
Size of software: 510KB
Software license: Free
Download link: https://gameboid.en.uptodown.com/android

GameBoid is yet another Android GBA emulator developed by Yong Zhang and still functionally powerful. In fact, the GBA simulator is quite valuable on the Android platform because the game quality of the Android platform is still not as good as the GBA games from more than ten years ago. In addition to the lack of 3D effects and slightly lower resolution, the rich colors and subtle design of GBA games can still beat a lot of messy games on Android. 

Here are some screenshots from GameBoid emulator: 

Gameboid game snap

Gameboid in-game menu

2. GBA.emu

GBA.emu specifications: 

Name of software: GBA.emu
Software version: 1.4.32
Size of software: 522.24KB
Software license: Paid
Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.explusalpha.GbaEmu&hl=en_IN

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GBA.emu is another paid Android GBA emulator that has the same frame rate test capabilities as the other emu series emulators. The reason why this emulator might not be best for some is that this emulator is generally used to look at the performance comparison between the Android machine and the GBA handheld.

Here are some user interface samples from GBA.emu:

GBA.emu main menu

GBA.emu game snap

List of best GBA Emulator for Windows and Android.

3. VGBA GameBoy Advance Emulator

VGBA GameBoy Advance Emulator specifications:

Name of software: Nintendo VGBA Simulator
Software version: 3.8.28
Size of software: 1.36MB
Software license: free
Download link: https://fms.komkon.org/VGBA

VGBA is a good-looking Android GBA emulator. It is reported that this GBA emulator is better than other GBA emulators. If you find that GameBoid and GBA.emu can’t run a GBA game, you may wish to use ROM with VGBA. Maybe there is a surprise waiting to be emulated. The main interface is slightly messy, and there are a lot of software promotions on the top, but it is not a deal breaker. Also, you preview the GBA game ROM, which is a quite good feature.

Here are some screenshots from VGBA: 

VGBA game snap

VGBA main menu

After the gloomy sales of GB and the popularity of GBC, GBA has achieved Nintendo’s dominance in the field of handhelds. Even today, from time to time, there are students or old aged people who are holding a GBA SP or GBA micro. With the Android GBA emulators provided above, you can enjoy the magical pleasure of Nintendo as long as you have an Android phone.

Nintendo 64 Emulators For Android

In 1996, computers began to become a popular gaming platform. At that time, there were quite a few PC classic games built on the DOS platform, such as “The Legend of the Sword”, “The Chivalrous “, “Red Alert”, etc. in such an era, Nintendo launched the N64 game console. A large number of Nintendo games began to respawn on the N64 with a new 3D environment. “Super Mario 64” is a huge example of popular Nintendo 64 games.

1 Mupen64Plus


Mupen64Plus specifications:

Name of software: N64 simulator Mupen64Plus

Software version: 1.8.2
Size of software: 3.50MB
Software license: Free
Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mupen64plusae.v3.fzurita&hl=en

Mupen64Plus is an Android N64 emulator and also an example of the statement “The evaluation is very good”. The main thing is that Mupen64 is an open source project that has been constantly improving over the years. On the PC platform, Mupen64 is the preferred video simulator because of its powerful features. Mupen64Plus can perfectly render N64 games, and the frame rate is also good, generally stable at around 20 frames.

Here are some stills from Mupen64Plus emulator:

Mupen64plus main menu

Mupen64plus game snap

2 N64oid 

N64oid specifications:

Name of software: Nintendo Simulator N64oid

Software version: 2.4.1
Size of software: 731KB
Software license: free
Download link: https://www.emuparadise.me/Nintendo_64_Emulators/Android/N64oid/127

This Nintendo64 emulator is also developed by Yong Zhang. This emulator is much simpler to use than Mupen64Plus and is very efficient. Yong Zhang style interface is provided with the emulator which is quite popular amongst the fans. Also, the emulator does not require any special settings for regular operation. The Simulated N64 game effects and speed is perfect with N64oid emulator.

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Here are some N64oid screenshots:

N64droid game snap

N64droid settings

From the effective point of view, if you have a high-profile Android device, then perfect simulation of N64 games is not a  concern. Some might think that the frame rate is only 20 or so, and they might lose confidence in the Android N64 emulators, but in fact, 20 Fps is more than enough to play Nintendo64 games.

Nintendo NDS emulator For Android

NDS is a game console that Nintendo launched a few years ago (2004) to replace the Game Boy. NDS has a game-like banner, defeating Sony’s conscience handheld PSP with a little inferior performance, and surpassing PS2 to become the fastest-selling gaming machine with 100 million sales. Although the performance of NDS is very poor, we can already simulate NDS games perfectly on the PC platform. But the hardware gap between Android devices and NDS is almost equal to the hardware gap between PCs and Android devices. Until now, the Android NDS emulator has remained at the point where it can barely run NDS games. If you want to truly enjoy NDS games on Android devices, it is estimated that you have to wait for at least two or three years.

1. Nds4droid

Nds4droid specifications:

Name of software: Nintendo Simulator NDS4droid

Software version: 13
Size of software: 7.30MB
Software license: Free
Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opendoorstudios.ds4droid&hl=en

Nds4droid is a long-established Android NDS simulator. After it was stopped in 2008, it was suddenly updated several times in September this year. Nds4droid provides good compatibility and it can open a lot of NDS games smoothly. In the screenshots provided below, you can observe that the frame rates are nearly 15 or less. A frame-skipping option is provided to minimize the lag due to the lower frame rate.

Here are some Nds4droid screenshots:

NDS4droid settings

NDS4droid game snap

2. Dsoid

Dsoid specifications:

Name of software: Android NDS Simulator Dsoid
Software version: 1.9.4
Size of software: 1.70MB
Software license: Free

Download link: https://dsoid.en.uptodown.com/android

Dsoid is another Android NDS emulator. When you will first start using Dsoid, you will find it looks much smoother than Nds4droid. But a closer look reveals that this is actually because Dsoid’s frame skipping is set to a higher default and the actual running effect of the game is not better than Nds4droid. Still, as gaming experience is a matter of personal choice, we would suggest you give it a try.

Here are the screenshots of Dsoid user interface:

Dsoid main menu

Dsoid game snap

In general, current Android devices still don’t mimic NDS games very well. However, in the next few years, as the hardware performance of Android devices grows further, the efficiency of the Android NDS emulators will increase steadily. In fact, the NDS emulators seem to use only two cores in a quad-core phone as of now. Hopefully, this scenario will change in a few years and the perfect emulation of NDS games by Android will not remain a daydream.



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