Automatically Suspend Unused Tabs to Improve Chrome’s Performance

Tab Management in a browser is one of the important tasks for people who work online all the day. There are plenty of tab managing tools and extensions available for all the leading browsers. Especially, Chrome has lots of simple and efficient tab managing apps, which gives a clutter free environment to improve your productivity. The Great Suspender is one such extension for Chrome, which will automatically suspend the unused tabs in your browser. Here’s how it works.


How To Improve Google Chrome’s Performance?

When you work with a number of tabs in your browser, most of them will be left unused. This will increase the CPU Usage as well as reduce the speed and performance of your browser. By using “The Great Suspender” extension, you can suspend the unused tabs automatically. Actually, it will keep your unused tabs in sleep mode, you can reload and wake up them whenever you need.


To access the options and settings of the application, click the extension’s icon near to your URL bar. In the “Settings” window, under “General Settings”, you can set a time interval to suspend the tabs and tweak other options to efficiently manage multiple tabs on your browser. If you want to whitelist your favorite websites, you can add them in the text below those options. Also, you can pin the tabs by right clicking it, to avoid suspending them.


The “Session Management” option in the settings has all the information about your currently opened tabs, recent tabs and all the saved sessions. If you want to save the current session, just click the “Save” button in the window and give a name to save all the currently opened tabs and windows. This option will be very helpful when you want to close the browser or want to restart the computer.

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The Keyboard Shortcuts for different options will be available in the Settings page. You can use them to suspend and Unsuspend the tabs easily.


Overall, it is an excellent tab managing app, which improves your productivity as well as the performance of your browser If you work with Chrome all the day, then this is a must have extension in your browser. Try this in Chrome and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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