How to Make Your Home More Creatively Inspiring

How to Make Your Home More Creatively Inspiring

If you’re an artist, a musician, or another creative type, you probably spent a lot of time in your home creating new materials. Whether these pieces of art are for public consumption or private enjoyment, you likely spend time motivating yourself to produce excellent, inspired work.

If you feel like your home environment isn’t very creatively inspiring, you can always go out to find fulfillment elsewhere. But if you’re stuck inside, or if you want to be inspired as much as possible, it’s important for you to take proactive measures to make your home more creatively inspiring.

How do you do it?

Install a Fireplace

A fireplace in a central location of your home can bring inspiration in several ways. Some people enjoy the extra warmth and radiant light emitted by the fireplace when it’s roaring. Some people find that the soft crackling of burning wood is soothing. Still others feel that a fireplace is the perfect excuse to host gatherings, motivating them to surround themselves with other creative people and bounce around new ideas.

In any case, your fireplace will serve several purposes simultaneously – and it doesn’t cost much to install. At the same time, the right fireplace could even boost the value of your home.

Hang More Artwork

Another option is to hang more artwork wherever you spend the most time in your home. Abstract artwork tends to work best, as abstract works force you to think about them and allow your mind to wander in new, interesting directions. However, any work of art that you find to be aesthetically pleasing and intellectually stimulating can work. Paintings, photos, sculptures, and other mediums all work equally well.

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Get Rid of the Easy Distractions

Some creative people find it harder to get inspired or remain productive when they’re surrounded by easy distractions, like televisions and computers. Depending on your circumstances, it may make sense to get rid of your TV altogether. Since you probably need a computer for at least some tasks, you can put it out of reach and out of sight, so you’re less tempted to use it.

Invest in More Indoor Plants

Many artists find inspiration in nature. Obviously, you can go for a walk in nature anytime you want, but in the meantime, it pays to keep indoor plants in your home. Tending to your plants is a mindful exercise, and just catching a glimpse of them can boost your mood. As an added bonus, indoor plants are associated with higher productivity and a host of health benefits.

Purchase High-Quality Speakers

Next, consider purchasing some high-quality speakers, especially if those speakers are capable of filling your entire home with sound. Create a playlist of some of your favorite and most inspiring songs, or wander through genres like jazz and classical music to stimulate your creative sensibilities. Even if you’re not a musician, you’ll find your mind generating new ideas when you’re sufficiently immersed in landmark creative pieces.

Write or Draw on the Walls

From the time we’re children, we’re told not to draw on the walls. But now that you’re an adult, who’s going to stop you? Select a room of your house to sacrifice and start writing and/or drawing on the walls. You can even use chalkboard paint to facilitate this in a more aesthetically pleasing way. Whenever you get an idea, even if it’s just a hint of one, mark it on the wall. Soon, you’ll be studying and combining those ideas in incredibly unique ways.

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Break Other Rules

Interior designers often swear by unbreakable “design rules” that dictate how you paint, arrange, and decorate your home. If you want to think more creatively and openly, you need to break these rules. Do whatever you want with your house – especially if it’s something unusual.

Change Things

Finally, make a proactive effort to change things on a regular basis. If your environment becomes stale, so will your creative work.

  • Rearrange the furniture. Even the simple action of rearranging your furniture can be powerful for stimulating creativity and helping you think in new ways.
  • Repaint the walls. Are you tired of the same old colors on the walls you pass through on a daily basis? Repaint them with something bolder or more interesting.
  • Swap out the décor. Don’t let your decorative items become boring. Swap them out for new additions periodically – especially if the new items are handcrafted.

If you’re willing to take most of these actions and commit to changing things up from time to time, you’ll be in a much better position to find creative inspiration and ultimately produce more interesting pieces of art.

Whether you’re a professional or an amateur hobbyist, the results should be incredibly rewarding.



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