Currency7: How to Easily Carry Out Currency Conversions

For my online writing, I get paid in US dollars – a currency different than that of my native country. For this reason, I have to concern myself with foreign exchange rates. At the beginning of every month I have to calculate what amount I will be paid in Pakistani rupees. Normally, I have to look up the exchange rates via Google; however, I have now found a much friendlier option in the form of a site called Currency7 Currency Converter.

Currency7 Currency Converter is a free to use web service that provides foregin exchange rates in a friendly interface. The app provides you with these rates along with a calculator that can convert amounts between currencies. Other prominent features of the site include currency rate graphs, popular currencies, and a country flags library.

To get started with the application, all you have to do is visit its homepage. On the site’s homepage, you will find a calculator that is very easy to use. You input your original currency amount and currency type in the left panel; the right panel is where you select the destination currency type and the corresponding amount is displayed in the right pane.

Currency7 Currency Converter 1

You can easily reverse the currency selection using the button in the middle of the currency fields.

This currency conversion calculator feature is extremely helpful in the type of scenario that I find myself in. But people who are generally interested in foreign exchange rates will also find the site helpful. For starters, you can a table of various exchanges rates between various popular currencies.

Currency7 Currency Converter 2

If you are planning on investing your money in a particular currency, you will find the site’s currency exchange rates graph to be very helpful.

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Currency7 Currency Converter 3

The rates are shown for the last year. You can select which currencies the graph is populated for from the left pane of the graph.

To get an idea of what currencies are being checked out on the site, you will find the list of “Popular currencies” to be very helpful.

Currency7 Currency Converter 4

On the site, each currency is accompanied by the flag of the country. But you might not be able to guess the country through its flag right away. The site provides a reference for these flags.

Currency7 Currency Converter 5

You can filter the flags by region and by their design.

All of these features work together to provide you with an excellent foreign exchange rate website.

You can check out Currency7 Currency Converter by clicking over here.



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