Clueful: A Web App Helps You To Understand the iOS Apps

Every time you download an app from the iOS App Store, you will read its review and functions but you will not exactly know the process running in the background. They will not tell you, what this app is going to do with your iPhone or iPad to get the user data. Even in the blogs and official websites, they will tell you only the front end process, user reviews and its performance, but you can’t know how that app gets your data and knows about you. Though Apple has six levels of performance tests to approve an application before it comes to the App store, there are chances that an app can misuse the user data. So it is important to understand about the application, before you download it.


To know completely about an app in the app store, we have a new web application called Clueful. It is a privacy monitoring app, which will let you know about the privacy policy of different applications available on the app store. Before Clueful was available as a separate app in the app store, now they have removed the app and made this as a web application. To know about a particular app, go to the website and you will see an iPhone with a search bar in it. Just type the application name and get the complete information instantly.


This Clueful application is a part of a famous security software called “Bitdefender”. Clueful is available for free in order to make people understand the importance of privacy in their Smartphones. Because applications like 1Password, WhatsApp, etc., uses important information like contacts, password, etc. So it is pretty important to know about an application before you use it in your iPhone or iPad. Once you type the application name in the Clueful website, it will redirect to a new page and it will have three categories, overview, details and comments. In the overview section, it will give all the privacy functions of the app as a hint. In the details section you can see the complete description about the hints displayed.

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In the comments section, if you have logged into your Facebook account, you can post comments using your Facebook id. Also you can share that information on your Facebook wall easily using the share button the top right corner. It will let you rate the app based on your view, so that other users will know about the efficiency of the application. Even it looks like a very simple application, it is more essential to check the privacy settings of an application before you use it on your iPhone. This will enhance your privacy as well as make you aware of privacy related issues on the iPhone. If you cannot find the app you are searching for, you can suggest that app to the Clueful team using an option called “info” at the top. This will also let you know about the privacy policy of Clueful web app. Thanks for reading, do share your comments about this new service from Bitdefender and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.



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