Image Size Info: Easily View Image Information in Google Chrome

Image Size Info is a handy Google Chrome extension that allows users to find image information such as its dimensions and file size in seconds. What this extension does is that it adds an extra option in Google Chrome right click menu that helps users get information about the image.

To get started, go to Chrome Web Store and install the extension. Once installed, you will see a new option appear in Google Chrome context menu that says “View Image Info” .

Image File Info Button

Now, right click on any image on any website and select View Image Info. It will open a small popup box showing you the URL of the hosted image, its dimensions and file size. Some websites also post hyperlinked and scaled down images. The extension even shows you what are the original dimensions of the image and how much is displayed on the specific web page.

Image File Info

The extension also offers users with some customizations. By default, the width of the popup box is set to 500px but if you want to modify it and change it to something smaller or bigger, you can change that from extension options. The extension allows users to change the dimensions to either 400px or 600px. Another useful setting the extension offers is to change the format in which dimensions are displayed. Normally, the dimensions are displayed as width x height but if you want, you can change it by from options page. Use the Custom field to mention the format in which you want to display the dimensions but make sure you use the correct terminology as mentioned in the settings. If you want, you can even enable the date feature which will show the date when the image was captured.

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Image File Info Settings

Image Size Info can be very useful if you want to view image dimensions in a simple way. This can save you the hassle of saving the image to your PC or by using the Inspect Element feaure.

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