PDFCreator: Easily Create PDF Files in Windows

Making a PDF file is not that easy feat. Adobe Reader full edition can help you to create one but it isn’t free of cost and it is very complex as well. Online tools are also bit of a hassle so what should be done? That’s where PDFCreator comes to the rescue. It is absolutely free of cost and also very simple tool to create, merge and convert PDF files.

PDF Creator

After installing PDFCreator, you will see two icons on your desktop named as PDFArtchitect and PDFCreator. The PDFArtchitect is basically a PDF viewer whereas the PDFCreator allows you to convert files into PDF documents. In order to create PDF documents you need to open up the Creator and click on document. Next, click on ‘add’ and a window will pop up and you can select which file you want to convert. You can use the shortcut “Crtl+ Ins” to add a document and make sure to select the file type as “All Files” when you are adding the files. Now, you will see a bunch of options, from where you can modify the file as you want or save that file in PDF format.

PDF Creator 2

The good thing about PDFCreator is that you don’t even need to really use the application itself. You can just head over to any Windows application that has a command for print and select PDFCreator as the printer and the file can be directly converted from there. That’s not enough, you can even combine different documents, simply open the documents. Select all the documents that you want to combine and Click on “Document”. Now, select the “Combine” and you are done.

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PDFCreator is a free lightweight application that allows user to create PDFs with ease and makes viewing them a lot quicker as well. The interface is simple and to the point. Its core competence lies in its functionality.

Download PDF Creator (Windows)



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