How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S With Free Unlock Codes

Locking of smartphones to one particular carrier is not new thing. Most of all smartphones like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S etc. are sold as locked phones. If you recently bought your Samsung Galaxy S then here is good news for you. Folks at XDA forum have found the way to unlock Samsung galaxy S.

By modifying firmware to unlock Samsung Galaxy S may not be good idea as it voids the warranty but by genuinely buying unlock code ($25-30) you can get your Galaxy S unlocked and running on choice of your carrier. But well it may not be cheap for everyone.

Who knew Samsung has already gave us easy and free way to get unlock code, yes you read it correct you can get Samsung Galaxy S unlock code for free. The unlock codes are kept right in your device itself. You just need download small utility and run while your phone is connected and extract unlock code.

Samsung Galaxy S

Head over to XDA forum for complete step by step guide with unlock intrusions for Samsung Galaxy S.

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22 thoughts on “How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S With Free Unlock Codes”

  1. I want to unlock my galaxyi7500, what utility are you referring to. Can you send me the link to my email.

  2. I want to unlock my samsung galaxy s. what i need to do?please send me an email ,as soon as you get my message…

  3. recently i got a sgh-t595 (galaxy s ) and i gave it to unlock .. it was showing that .. imei null and from 3 months i am trying to get it work … it was not working ….. plz plz plz … give me some info .. to how get it to work.. my mail..

  4. my daughter has put a code on her Samsung galaxy tab 3 and it wont let her unlock the tab is there a way of getting into it please help

  5. disqus_KR0W2tg2NU

    why is it that ALL these web sites that claim to unlock your phone for free, easy, or without having to install anything etc, etc…expect you to do the exact opposite.! im not a phone expert but I do know the basic ins & outs of a cellphone and most importantly I can follow instruction yet not a single web site has been at all helpful in unlocking my cellphone a Samsung galaxy s3 i747.not stolen or damaged! !

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