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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • Great post, Sandip! Check out the Office 2010 videos available on the Office Facebook Page for some more details! for some more details.

    Also, here are links to the new Word and Excel Facebook pages. Get the conversations started by posting on the wall!

    MSFT Office Outreach Team

  • Gil

    Um… I have office 07 and I have this feature enabled…

    Office Button> Save As> 5th option down… Am I just that lucky (or was it one of my many add in’s?)

  • Shomi

    The convertation doesn’t do properly.

  • Eaglehill

    If the Word document has a background colour, converting it to pdf leaves a white strip down the side. How do I stop this happening

  • I didn’t see that option but after reading your article i found the pdf option. Thanks

  • Vettinnj

    excel 2010 combine pages for one pdf ??

  • Shirishsam

    hey thanks

  • Transportation Planner Guy

    There needs to be a single button that converts documents to PDF. I tried adding the “publish as PDF” shortcut in the ribbon, but it doesn’t do it.

  • meg

    Great that it converts to PDF ….BUT… the content of the PDF can be selected and copied. How can I create the PDF so when views the user cannot select and copy the content?

  • Unfortunately Office 2010 doesn’t offer any other PDF (like file content locking and encryption etc.) features.

  • Crystal

    Office 2010 at my office has a Tab in Ribbon labeled “Acrobat.” It seemed to have just suddenly appear (or possibly I didn’t notice it before).  That is so much easier to use than to go to Save As, and then scroll down to pdf.

    At home, my Office 2010 does NOT have that Tab and I cannot figure out how to customize my ribbon to have that Tab.  Can you offer any help for this? I need to save Word documents quite often as pdf.

  • Dan021309

    when i save my word file as a pdf the back ground is blue how do i stop this from happening

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  • Mistrpussinboots

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