How to Create Windows 7 Themes


Windows 7 has best look and feel as compared to windows vista. One thing which I really liked about windows 7 is possibility of personalizing and customizing windows 7 with our own custom themes. Well don’t guess that creating custom windows 7 themes is geeky task but its far simple then previous windows operating system.

Microsoft has introduced style and desktop slide shows in windows 7, which are enough to help us in customizing windows 7. In windows 7, styles are called as Themes and Windows 7 Themes/ Styles are a formal combination of desktop background, Aero glass window color, sound scheme, and screen saver.

Windows 7 has several default themes and some of them are hidden themes which you can unlock. You can also download windows 7 Themes from Microsoft windows 7 website. Incase you want to create your own create Windows 7 themes then here is small guide on how to create Windows 7 Themes.

How to Create Windows 7 Themes

1. Right Click on your Desktop and Select Personalize from Context Menu

Personalize to Right Click

Windows 7 Personalization

2. Now click on “desktop background” to change background wallpaper

3. Click Browse to locate folder of high resolution wallpapers

4. Select check images/wallpapers if you want to have slideshow feature in your theme

Select Background Images

5. Click on save changes.

5. Now click Windows color to change color of windows, background, and cursor

6. Click on sound to change system sound default and change screen saver.

8. Once you have finished your customization click on save theme option in your personalization window.

9. Enter theme name and select thempack as save type

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Save as themepack

In order to install theme just double click on themepack file.



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16 thoughts on “How to Create Windows 7 Themes”

  1. Themes are available for all Windows operating systems. It’s not a new feature for windows 7.

  2. I have Dell Gx270 Pentium 4, 2.80 GHz, 1 GB Ram, 320 GB Sata, Graphics Card 96 MB Built on, I have Install Windows 7, 32 Bit, but the theme of Windows 7 is not working on my computer, can you tell me somthing about this problems on my email address

  3. Hi,

    Was just wondering, if i am creating wallpaper for win 7 and if the user is going to change the resolution from low to high, back and forth each time he logins. Can my wallper in one resolution fit on to different sizes without loosing quality? Or should i create one for each resolution…

    Please help

  4. @SHUJAAT:
    Your computer is too slow. Although Windows 7 is much more efficient than Vista, Aero graphics still requires a graphics card faster than what you have. It doesn’t have to be a discrete graphics card, even the newer Intel integrated ones will do.

  5. This is ridiculous, there is absolutely nothing about customizing a theme, just basic stuff that is was there since Windows 95.

  6. Antonie Jackson

     you should: right click on your theme->Click “save theme”(to save in personal) or “Save to share”(you can save your theme on your pc and share it to Mediafire, VnSharing,…and everyone can download on web)

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