Convert XPS Files to Jpeg, Png & Gif with Treasure XPS to Image Converter

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Microsoft XML Paper Specification aka XPS files are XML documents like PDF optimized for printing purpose. XPS documents has information for the layout, appearance, and printing information for a document. Unfortunately XPS documents can only opened on Windows operating system.

Windows vista has built-in XPS viewer but Windows XP users have to download XPS essential pack to view XPS files. Here is alternate way to open XPS files is by converting XPS files into Jpeg,Png or Gif format using TreasureUP XPS to Image Converter freeware tool.

Features of TreasureUP XPS to Image Converter

1. Image formats supported: Jpeg, Png and Gif

2. Image qualities supported: Low, Normal, Good and Super

3. Support batch files conversion

4. Support automatically converting XPS files in specified folder

5. Support drag and drop XPS files from Windows Explorer

Screenshot of TreasureUP XPS to Image Converter

TreasureUp XPS to Image Converter

Download TreasureUP XPS to Image Converter

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2 thoughts on “Convert XPS Files to Jpeg, Png & Gif with Treasure XPS to Image Converter”

  1. Works fine, have not seen any malware attached to it, I have used it for 1 day so far, don’t know if the trial is also for personal use mostly is stated that the trial period is for business so we’ll c.

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