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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia is the founder of, he loves to write on technology, gadgets & web services. At Blogsdna you can read his Windows tutorials, free and useful software related articles. He is on twitter too @sandipnd

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  • JK

    Thanks for sharing this cool skins

  • Sokun

    Dear all
    I rearly interested with all skins that you Created.

  • realy most beautiful skins

    thanks for the designer

  • thanks for the making exclusing skins

  • Is there a skin for WM12 that makes it look like WM11, I prefer the appearance of 11 to that of 12, really.

  • Shahzad1213

    win media player12 skin very very exellent

  • Shahzad1213

    thanks for sharing

  • Shahzad1213

    thank you

  • Noudcdc

    thank you

  • Sureshkumar

    super yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • hovhannes


  • Saied

    how can I download them ! there isn’t any link to download !!!!

  • UUD GBHN P4 Kuhp

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  • Mamy

    link deleted :'(

  • Shomiron

    The download link in medifare  has been deleted. please provide alternate link.

  • Batista65

    is closs.