Transform Windows 7 RC to Mac OS X Leopard with Leopard R2 Theme

Mac OS X

In past we have reviewed Leopard Transformation Pack 2 & Mac OS X Leopart theme to transform Vista to Mac OS X. a latest Windows 7 is almost here and many users are already enjoying Windows 7 RC. We don’t see any reason for users to have Mac OS X like look & feel on Windows 7 RC.

But in case if you are looking for way to transform windows 7 to Mac Os X then Leopard OSX for Win7 RC v2 visual style developed by one of deviantart user is good option for you. Leopard OS X theme will only work with Windows 7 build 7100.

Screenshot of Leopard OS X theme for Windows 7 RC

Windows 7 RC Transformed into Mac Os X Leopard

Windows 7 RC Transformed into Mac Os X Leopard

Download Leopard OS X Theme for Windows 7 RC Build 7100

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36 thoughts on “Transform Windows 7 RC to Mac OS X Leopard with Leopard R2 Theme”

  1. sorry but there are instructions for installing this theme??? i just moved the files to the Resources folder but nothing happends.

    Thanks for the help!

  2. user_needs_help

    How do you install this? You can’t just click on the theme file, even if you’ve put the folder and files in the windows
    \resources folder. It does not fully change the theme, it only changes the background. Ideas?


    First download the Universal Theme Patcher for windows 7 (download link blow), and Patch it and restart. then download the Leopard OS X theme for Windows 7 RC and then open the system32 folder and you have to replace the files shell32,ExplorerFrame,explorer BUT BACK them Up First and then goto C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and put all the files that you downloaded in that folder but don’t put system32 folder and the explorer.exe file and your done!!!!

    ———Download Links———

    Universal Theme Patcher for windows 7
    For More Info and More Themes Goto

  4. I did what you said but it wont let replace the Explorer.exe not sure why i have admin rights. and how do i select the themes after that? i dont see them in themes


  5. Hi there, I have managed to replace all the files and done everything mentioned in here but I am getting the same result as nguyenkinh, background and other things change but the icons and explorer are still the same of Windows 7. Is there any other icons files and things that needs to be downloaded?

  6. Hi…can someone explain me how to replace the files , because the os is writing that : u need permisson to perform this action

  7. Thank your all pictures.
    I want to use Leopart on my window 7.
    And I want to use 2 OS in my Laptop that has Leopart and Window 7.

  8. take ownership of entire c drive then give yourself and all administrators full permissions (assuming you are an administrator, you need to be an administrator to change permissions) then deny all permissions to TRUSTED INSTALLER then you can move shell32.dll and explorerframe.dll into c:/windows/system32 and move the originals somewhere else and it should work with the 7100 build

  9. Actually, OS X and other operating systems like Linux have better capabilities thatn Windows 7. When you say “great funtion” you are wrong. Also, learn some proper English.

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