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  • Nuno Silva

    This not working for me on my x86 vista ultimate!

    Any suggestions?


  • Dont Work

    It don’t work! Ive even tried to replace all wmp 12 dll’s and still no avail. It sayz its not a valid win32 app.

  • Koen

    Doesnt work for me, followed instructions perfectly. Now saying WMP is not a valid win32 application!!!

  • Bigboy

    I think to make it work, is that u have to have 32 bit Vista Ultimate English SP1. i will try on mine, since Windows 7 Ultimate is based on Windows Vista Ultimate SP1

  • Guys…its windows 7 media player…and if you are getting “Its not a vaild win32 app” change the versions of each file they provided to vista SP1 media player version.
    File Version as “11.0.6001.7000 (longhorn_rtm.080118-1840)”
    Product Version as “11.0.6001.7000”

    Use Resource tuner to change…Good luck!

  • Adam

    So its only the exe files?

  • You have to rename the versions in all the files to vista SP1 version.

  • Josh

    Ack, I’ve renamed all the files with Resource tuner, but I still am getting a “not a valid win32 app” error

    does anybody have a package of this already put together?

  • David

    Err, this doesn’t work at all – Windows Vista x64 SP1 won’t allow wmploc.DLL to be transferred to the \Windows\System32 directory at all, despite my trying to terminate any of the processes that relate to Windows Media Player.

    It can’t be done properly – the file only seems to be integral to Windows Media Player according to my research and is not shared with any other program unlike something like svchost.exe which is used in multiple programs.

  • Hamid Iranian

    i boot my pc in order to replace that files. but now i lost my wmp11 and error is not a valid win32 app. this mean this only work on 64bit operation systems. is it true???

  • Hamid Iranian

    boot with “Norton Ghost v12”

  • sumeet

    hey, i’m getting an error message “You need permission to perform this action” Please assist.

  • Amirz

    Thamks for this. It’s only for Vista. If you saw “not valid win 32 exe” error message, seems that you tried to install it on Xp (since PE header of Vista/7 app is different with the one that designed for Xp). Cheers!

  • Josf

    Does NOT WORK! Period.

    Read Misaki2009’s message:

    “It doesn’t work on Windows XP/Vista! Works only on Windows 7 so don’t ask anymore or give comments about that! ”

    So don’t bother and don’t waste your time.

  • Dishank

    it’s very use full

  • rahul

    not work on my windows 2(vista 32 bit)

  • thiminika D.

    very nice but we want the media player which could enable to convert wma to mp3. i thank you.

  • Ajith

    what ever we do its impossible to get WMP 12 in Vista or XP unless microsoft release it……the only thing we get by doing the above procedure is looks……
    it can be done just by adding the WMP 12 wmploc.dll resources to WMP 11 wmploc.dll file………..

  • Alihaider

    very nice but we want the media player which could enable to convert wma to mp3. i thank you.

  • wmp 12 is realy nice media player.

  • eu

    Mikasi2009 one of deviantART user has found the way to get Windows Media Player 12 on windows vista. Windows Media Player 12 has been extracted from Windows 7 and by copying these files in your windows vista you can run Windows Media

    So, according to this site its for vista …

  • spectre

    in all honesty, i read people say “thanks, it worked” and others say “it dont work”, windows 7 is a update of vista not some crazy rebuild!
    the base of vista is there, just dont take face value that the os is not working – any/all windows is built for intel cores, using the fortran language.
    if amd users are having troubles, bet your life ms have used a trip-code and that has some baring on the trouble.
    the same can be said about mp12, its not new, media player infact is what a simple game has become, it will run, just need a translation method to make it go.
    ie – if made for win3 it will run on 7 given the correct knack!

  • Yan

    Please help me to solve the problem of that my windows vista ultimate’s window media player.
    The problem is that it does not appear player window when I double click on the window media player.exe.
    could you help me? to solve this problem.


  • MEL


    Please take it from me, there is no easy way to get wmp12 on vista.

    Please observe, the screenshot was taken on windows7, the transparancy is to high to be vista.

    either get windows7, it out next month, or wait till microsoft releases this for vista. (shouldn’t be long after the release of Windows7)

    I seriosly messed up my PC trying wmp12 on vista, and had to format.( do this at your own risk)

  • window media is best

  • steve

    only works on 32 bit systems.

  • Imran

    Its not work Windows 7 Ultimate N.

    where have not any media player.

    Please help me,

  • Karsten

    Windows Media Player 12 Download Free Deutsch

  • Lol I don’t know why you’re all saying It’s a fob off and fake, because I got it working perfectly. Want proof, you can F£$* off. HA!

  • Ryanjames296

    why dos it not work on vista

  • Ryanjames296

    why dos it not work on vista

  • Shahidkuta

    you mother fucker you ass hole try it with own

  • Fares_fares688

    thanx so much

  • Asr_srireddy2000

    waste one it does not play some videos and ahows some error for which there is no solution on web

  • Yi_tp

    I can not install WMP,there is no WMP in my computer,mine is WIN7

  • hell

    where the fuck is the download button?

  • hell

    i came here because of advice from friends, so where the fucken jesus humping h christ is the download button?I bet the fucking thing doesn’t work cause no fucking download button

  • ap3456789

    I can’t copy to the System32 folder. Why?