4 Reliable Web Applications To Collaborate Online

For the project leader of a presentation or paper whose group members are remote, the best way to go about the job would be via online collaboration. During 2009 we have seen numerous websites offering their users the option to collaborate on various forms of documents online. If you are trying to choose which one of these services/websites to choose from, read on our list of five of such wonderful websites that do not only get the job done but are also reliable and can be trusted to prevent data losses.

1. GlassCubes

GlassCubes is a website that offers free and paid plans. For most of us the free plan will suffice because it only discounts a few features from the paid plan. The document editor used is actually the ZOHO writer which itself is an online documents collaboration tool. But do not think that you can replace GalssCubes entirely with ZOHO; GlassCubes not only offers creation and editing of documents but of images as well. A ‘cube’ can be created which acts as our workspace. We can invite people into this cube, manage their permissions and privileges and be in full control of the project.

2. Zapproved

Zapproved makes the project leader’s job relatively easier. If you are leading a project, just create an account on Zapproved. Then create a ‘proposal’ which is a lot like an email which you can send to different contacts. Separate contacts can be specified who need to approve the proposal. Attaching a file to the proposal is also possible. This way you can create multiple proposals for a single project and view them all on you Zapproved Dashboard. As your group members reply and approve/deny the proposal, your project progresses to completion. Ordinarily it is up to organize our emails project-wise but through Zapproved we can create multiple projects each of which can have multiple proposals, streamlining organization from the get-go.

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3. Remindo

Remindo is a company-oriented collaboration service. You can only signup if your email address is of the form name@company.com; normal Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live emails do not work. If you can sign up, you are offered up to 3GB of storage space share information, collaborate and manage projects with your team and clients. Quick updates can be checked out via Tweeting about it and keeping all involved people up to date.

4. TimeBridge

TimeBridge lets a user collaborate with the members of a meeting which is to be held in the future. We can start planning a meeting by asking all the attendees their available dates and choosing a common date. Then we decide on a location and proceed to outline the goals of the meeting and what everybody needs to get from the meeting. This prepares every meeting attendee and makes sure the maximum productivity is achieved. In short, TimeBridge is a web application that makes it incredibly easy to schedule and lead great meetings and even follow up after you meet.



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