How to Secretly Browse Reddit from your Workplace with ‘MSOutlookit’

Most workplaces have strict policies against browsing entertainment websites using office computers. But sometimes our boredom gets becomes intolerable and a quick internet browsing session is just what we need. Reddit can be a great help in this situation. Unfortunately Reddit’s interface is too recognizable – even from afar, anybody who catches a glance of your computer screen will immediately know what you are up to. MSOutlookit is a web app that helps fix this problem.

MSOutlookit 1

MSOutlookit is a free to use web application. Its function is to help computer users secretly browse Reddit from their workplace. Basically, the application wraps the Reddit interface into something that looks like Microsoft Outlook. When you open the site, you get served Reddit’s content which will look like emails to anybody who looks at your screen. To jump from one category of posts to the next, use the “Outlook email folders” that are present in the bottom left of the interface.

MSOutlookit 2

Clicking on a category name in this folders list populates the center “email section” with the relevant Reddit posts. You can click on any post to have it opened in the “email reading interface” – i.e. the right most pane.

On top of the email, you will find a link that appears next to a “+” icon.

MSOutlookit 3

This main link is where you click to make the post’s image appear within the email.

MSOutlookit 4

In previous versions of the application, users were able to vote on posts; they were also able to leave replies to post comments by clicking on the Reply link next to post comments. This opened up a window that resembled that of “Compose email”.

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MSOutlookit 6

Here you could easily type in your text and have it posted as a Reddit comment. Unfortunately, these voting and replying features have been disabled ever since the developer took down his server dedicated to the application. You get a green error message notifying you of the fact each time that you try to vote or reply.

MSOutlookit 7

Apart from getting the server back in a working state, I wish the developer let us copy or share image links through the interface. No ‘Copy Image Location’ options appear when you right click on the images. I found a workaround though: using the ‘Inspect Element’ option and then copying the image from the link that appears in the developer tools window (depending on which web browser you use).

MSOutlookit 8

In conclusion, MSOutlookit is an excellent and conveniently sneaky tool that you can use at work to kill your boredom.

You can check out MSOutlookit by clicking here.



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