Change Windows XP Logon Background with Windows XP LogonUI Changer

Logon Screen

Windows 7 has got built-in feature to change Windows 7 Logon background and we have already covered Logon Changer & LogonUI background changer for Windows 7. For Windows Vista & XP Logonstudio is best tool to use.

Here is yet another free tool Windows XP LogonUI Changer that allows you to change your windows xp Logon screen or welcome screen. You can manage LogonUI.exe, change the names or get Preview of them.

Features of Windows XP LogonUI Changer

1. Get preview of logon screen

2. Ability to Randomize logon screen on windows startup

3. Can manage logon files (rename, delete, version,…)

4. Very little setup file (only <1MB)

5. Ability to edit logon resources like Wallpaper and version information

6. Ability to Randomize Logon Screen Background (Wallpaper) on startup

Windows XP LogonUI Changer

Windows XP LogonUI Changer

Download Windows XP LogonUI Changer

Source: Technixupdate

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