How to Get Back Firefox 3.5 Session Restore Page

Firefox 3.5

Firefox 3.5 has got many new features like HTML5 support, location awareness browsing etc. There are several other minor enhancement are present in Firefox 3.5 like enhanced session restore.

In old version of Firefox we have absolutely no control over session restore, Firefox attempt to restore all the webpages which was open before Firefox was crashed however in Firefox 3.5 restore session has been enhancement to let the users to select pages which they wish to restore.

Session Restore in Firefox 3.5

Restore Session in Firefox 3.5

It may happen that after checking and unchecking webpages from session restore list you may accidentally click on “Start New Session” instead “Restore” button and once you click on Start New Session button you will be presented with clean Firefox session and will lose the opportunity to restore your old session since there is no menu option to get back Session Restore page.

Well there is way to get back Session Restore page manually by typing follow special URLs at address bar and press enter.


about Session Restore

So the next time when you accidentally click on wrong button use above special URL to get back session restore page.

Note: It doesn’t start with http://, you can type in existing open Firefox window or start new Firefox instance and type above special URL to access session restore page.

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7 thoughts on “How to Get Back Firefox 3.5 Session Restore Page”

  1. salam n salam sejhtra for all user..anyone can help me to solve how to make autodownload vio internet download manager in firefox??plz email me if hav any user can help me to solve diz matter…plz yarh….

  2. Note, it seems that the Session Restore feature now only works if your Browsing History IS NOT cleared when you quit.

    Specifically go to Tools->Options->Privacy. Click the “Settings” button next to “Clear history when Firefox closes”. Then make sure that “Browsing History” is UNCHECKED.

  3.  it doesn’t help :( after computer restart, browser just opens home page, and it has nothing in “about:sessionrestore”. what should i do?

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