Empowering Education: Using Windows 10 for Lesson Preparation

Windows 10 for Lesson Preparation

Tutors are some of the busiest people in the world. They have lessons to prepare, assignments to mark, and guidance to offer. All these activities can make teaching a nightmare especially if you have a hard time staying on top of things. As a tutor, time management is everything. One of the best ways to manage your time is by embracing technological tools. Programmers are always coming up with amazing solutions to some of the biggest problems that you are facing in school. One of the leading tech organizations that have promoted learning not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world is Microsoft. Here’s how Windows 10 works.

Introduction to Windows 10 and its Capabilities for Education

Since it was founded back in 1985, Windows has been knocking on the doors of schools, organizations, and homes. And most have loved their products. Before smartphones took over the world, Microsoft computers were the most used gadgets almost everywhere. It has a global market share of more than 85 percent. As the popular saying goes, numbers don’t lie.

Windows 10 is one of the latest operating systems developed by Microsoft. It contains a wide range of useful apps with an improved interface. Since it was launched back in 2015, it has received lots of positive reviews. In the education sector, Windows 10 has been used extensively for personalized learning thanks to its education-centered applications that can be downloaded and installed at affordable rates. The operating system has focused on delivering learning materials to the student directly, with the option to order essays from https://essays.studymoose.com/ thus reducing the workload of tutors. Tutors can make use of this operating system to buy college essays and enhance interactive learning and engagement in class.

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Enhancing Productivity and Organization with Windows 10 Tools

As a tutor, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a lot of Windows 10 tools that you can use to promote organization and boost your productivity. Tutors usually have a lot of tasks that they need to work on to promote learning. Staying on top of these tasks will not only help you advance in your career but also enable students to buy college essays online, submit plagiarism-free papers and get academic degrees. Some of the top Windows 10 tools for you to use include:

1. Microsoft To-Do

This tool allows you to create simple to-do lists intelligently. And include reminders. You can track the progress of a wide range of projects and create separate lists for you to organize projects. Using your to-do lists will enable you to keep track of your lessons, projects, and assignments. Seeing what you accomplished during the day will help you make gradual improvements.

2. Office Lens

In your office, there are likely a bunch of written and printed documents lying all over the place. If you are having a hard time storing or locating important documents, you should consider using Office Lens to capture and store important pieces of information. The app can convert images into Word, PDF, and PowerPoint files that you can access whenever you want. Most users have had an easy time using this app on their phones.

Utilizing Microsoft Office and OneNote for Effective Lesson Planning

OneNote is one of the most popular apps in the world today, especially in the education sector. The more you learn about it, the easier your work will be. Over the years, the app has gained a wide range of features designed to help stakeholders in education. OneNote can be used by tutors for effective lesson planning through:

  • Organizing – It is a versatile app that is perfect for note-taking. You can organize notebooks in ways that you prefer. You can choose to organize by chapters or weeks.
  • Collaborating and sharing – You can help learners before and after class by sharing important notes with them. Learners can easily access the learning materials whenever they deem fit once you share them.
  • Encouraging different teaching styles – There are a lot of things that you need to manage while teaching. This app allows you to review older study materials, add new content and organize resources to meet the needs of learners.
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Microsoft Office is another great platform that can help tutors in lesson planning. You can use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to make your classes interactive and engaging. All the platforms are easy to access and navigate. There are a lot of tutorials online that will help in learning to use Windows 10. Using these tools will help you stay a step ahead and keep everyone involved in the learning process.


Technology is gradually changing the face of education. Soon, it will be impossible to learn without tech gadgets. As a tutor, you need to study the trends in this sector and do your best to stay ahead. Embracing windows for beginners when preparing for lessons will make your work easier, save time and improve the learning process.



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