How AI Helps to Make the Right Choice When Dating Online

Not too long ago, online dating was a bad way to meet potential partners. The systems were irritating to navigate, the matches produced were subpar at best, and you had a much better chance at finding love simply by stepping out your front door! Thankfully, things have taken a turn for the better, and—nowadays—nearly anyone can easily find a relationship online! The world of dating online has become so popular that nearly one in three U.S. adults have at least tried an online dating platform. Of course, this positive change didn’t just happen overnight with reason; there had to be some sort of driving force, and there was: the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI)! Once AI was implemented on online dating websites worldwide, the match quality quickly went out, and online platforms became a convenient way to meet other singles. Whether you’re looking for something casual, something short, or a life-long partner, online dating is now the easiest way to find that special person!

Love: Where Modern & Traditional Dating Find Common Ground

Most people have a type, and they look for this specific kind of person when they’re trying to find a date, fall in love, or even enjoy a local hookup nearby. There’s nothing inherently wrong with having a type, although it can be somewhat limiting when finding potential partners in person. Most people tend to date all potential partners that meet their “type” requirements quite quickly, so if none of these matches work out, it can leave them feeling like there’s one left for them! Fortunately, a quick search online quickly dispels this myth, providing them with a plethora of potential partners. That’s where dating services play a really important role.

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The Advantages of AI

AI Helps Find Your Type

Online platforms used to just connect you to other singles nearby: it didn’t matter if they were your type or not! However, that all changed once, AI was introduced into the dating site algorithms. Nowadays, rather than simply matching singles by location, dating sites also match singles based on their preferences (such as height, weight, body type, lifestyle, religion, or hobbies), AKA their type! By providing high-quality matches, these sites help online dating get proper recognition for the services provided, leaving their previous reputation as novelty services in the past where it belongs.

AI Gives Your Meaningful Connections

Once you take advantage of AI then you’ll quickly notice a change in the quality of dates you’re going on. You won’t be going out with a complete stranger. Instead, you’ll be going out with someone whose personality matches yours, who shares your same hobbies, and who you find physically attractive. Personality-based matchmaking is especially popular on premium websites where singles have higher expectations than those using free services. After all, if you have to pay for something, you want the best! Fortunately, these sites can often deliver on their promises of providing singles with meaningful connections, and it’s all thanks to AI!

AI Can Even Help You Find Hookups

Even more casual “dating” apps like Tinder (which is really more oriented towards singles looking for a quick fling) utilize AI, but instead of using AI to focus on personality-based matches, they analyze the user’s input to provide high-quality matches. How does this work? Here’s an example: you’re presented with a photo of a blonde girl, and you swipe left. Next, you’re presented with a picture of a brunette & you swipe right. The AI notices this input and will try to provide you with more useful matches—in this case, more brunette ladies!

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A Major Shift in Modern Dating

If—like many people—you’ve struggled to find a match nearby but still haven’t tried online dating yet, we strongly urge you to give it a try and join online platforms! True, finding a relationship online may not feel complete “”natural”” but once you get used to your first platform, you’ll be able to join nearly any other dating site and feel right at home. Of course, an ideal situation would be finding your soulmate on the first site you joined! While that might not be the case for everyone, it wouldn’t be the first time it happened either, so cross your fingers and make an attractive dating profile! The biggest mistake many singles make when dating online for the first time is skimping on profile details. By taking the time to completely fill out your profile, you’re setting yourself up for success right from the get-go. That said, online dating isn’t for everyone, so if you fall into that category, then we wish you the best of luck in your romantic endeavors. Regardless of what you think of online dating, it’s hard to deny the effect it’s had on modern dating, but has it had a positive or a negative effect on how we connect with our fellow humans? You decide!



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