How to Make NBN Connection Faster and More Reliable

SpeedUp NBN Connection

NBN aka National Broadband Network is the Australia’s publicly owned corporation which offers wholesale services to ISP and telecommunications companies, who in turn offer NBN plans to end users. It doesn’t directly sell its services to consumers. If you want to obtain the NBN connection, you need to contact an ISP. An NBN fixed wireless connection uses data sent over radio signals for connecting a premise to the NBN access network. Typically, this connection is used when the distance between premises can be several kilometers.

Whether you want to stream content or work from home, an unreliable or slow Internet connection can be frustrating. NBN is the Australian Government’s publicly-owned corporation. It handles designing, building, and operation of the national broadband network of Australia. If you have complaints regarding the speed and reliability of NBN connection then the following solutions can be useful to you. Before looking at the solution, let’s first comprehend the reasons for the same:

Reasons for Slow NBN connection

1. Network Congestion:

Especially in the evening, NBN connections become slow. This is the time when everybody is online for surfing, streaming, downloading, and more. Moreover, ISPs purchase access to NBN in bulk. Firstly, they evaluate the number of connections available in a specific area. After that, they predict the amount of bandwidth required. The wider the bandwidth the providers purchase, the more data can transmit at a faster speed. Hence, it will solve the network congestion issue.

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The pace of slowing down the NBN connections varies from provider to provider. For example, when using NBN 12 tier, the maximum speed is 12 Mbps and the speed in the evening is 7 Mbps. When using NBN 1000 tier, the maximum speed is 1000 Mbps and the speed in the evening is 250 Mbps.

2. Hardware Related Issues:

The slower NBN connection may be due to modem issues. Based on the survey carried out in 2019, NBN Co analyzed that the typical speed issues arise from channel interference or modems with obsolete firmware or inappropriate positioning of the modem.

3. Slower Speed Tier:

NBN Speed Tier

The play you choose lays a prominent impact on the NBN connection speed you will get. Commonly, there are four NBN speed tiers varying from 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Make sure you choose the fastest speed tier to benefit from fast NBN connectivity speed.

Solutions to Make NBN Connection Faster and More Reliable

1. Simple Reboot:

The simplest way is to turn off the connection and then restart the device. Now check if the Internet connection improved or not. Occasionally, performing a reboot can speed up the NBN connectivity.

2. Check WiFi setup:

Occasionally reassessing your WiFi setup can resolve the issue. Essentially, the WiFi setup is a technical issue and it can be the cause of the slower NBN connection. Just connecting a router and switching on the power is not helpful to get the fastest connectivity. Multiple factors are responsible for sluggish connectivity speed. So, it is recommended to reassess the WiFi setup. Make sure the router is close to your device. This aspect also ascertains that the signal need not have to pass through several walls.

Another prominent cause responsible for slowing down your Internet connectivity is the proximity to some other WiFi networks. For example, in an apartment building, interference can arise from multiple routers and thus it can slow down the connectivity speed. Make sure your WiFi modem is not in close proximity to other modems. Place it where there are fewer walls, doors, and electronic devices to avoid interference.

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3. Upgrade the NBN plan:

Based on the speeds that providers offer you on your chosen plan, you might have to upgrade it if you intend faster connectivity. If you are unaware of the speed of your NBN plan, check it in your bill. Those companies providing NBN plans usually present plenty of speed options, so you can conveniently choose based on your needs. If you are not satisfied with the speed then you can upgrade the plan.

Generally, NBN 50 plan is the most suitable one to suffice the speed needs for a home or office with a few employees. This plan provides a considerable speed boost over ADSL. In this plan, 50 Mbps speed will be shared between each device and person within the network. For streaming content from Netflix, NBN 50 plan is not so effective. For that, you can choose a higher plan that can provide more capacity to share and it makes sure nobody else will experience slow speed while you are streaming. For large downloads, NBN 100 plan is appropriate.

4. Enable Mesh Network:

Wifi Mesh Network

Modems occupy certain square meters of area in a circular radius. If your modem is set up in a corner then a part of the modem’s radius goes in vain. To resolve this issue, you can enable a mesh network in the home with multiple interconnect points. These can be WiFi extenders or powerline adapters or flat-out mesh WiFi systems.

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5. Check bandwidth availability:

Channel interference is one of the key causes of slower NBN connection. If your modem is multi-banded, check the settings to know the amount of bandwidth available on every frequency. You can switch to a less congested frequency to improve the speed.

6. Upgrade the modem:

To obtain the fastest and more reliable Internet connectivity, it is better to upgrade your hardware. Not investing in a new router and simply upgrading the Internet service is not a feasible approach. This is because it can limit the connection speed. You can upgrade your modem to higher bandwidth to benefit from faster and more reliable speed.

7. Troubleshooting:

Before concluding that the modem is the culprit, you can troubleshoot. The most effective approach is to perform an online speed test and check whether it matches up with the speed that your chosen plan has promised. For that, plug a laptop into the modem through an Ethernet cable instead of a WiFi connection. If your computer is devoid of an Ethernet port or if you don’t have an Ethernet cable then you can perform a speed test on a laptop by sitting beside your modem. Though the results may not be convincing, they would still assist you to diagnose the issue.

If your speed test is quite faster over Ethernet or when your device is placed beside the modem then WiFi is concluded as the culprit. It implies that the wireless signals are incapable to provide powerful connectivity to your whole home. In this case, it is recommended to buy a new modem and carefully complete its setup. Make sure to keep the modem receipt because later on if you discover that the modem is not the culprit then you can return it.

8. Performing Virus Scan:

Virus Scan to Fix PC Issues

Though this is a rare cause, your devices or computers can be infected with malware or virus. Eventually, this can slow down the connectivity speed. You can perform a full virus scan on your devices and computer. Especially, if you have tried all the above solutions and none of them worked then try this solution.



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