Factors to Consider When Choosing a Penetration Testing Company

As the world continues to become more invested in technology, businesses are more at risk. Cyber threats are ranked as one of the highest risks facing not only our worldwide economy but also businesses of every size. When a hacker penetrates into your company’s critical systems, your profits are at risk. This makes penetration testing a necessity to succeed.

Companies that perform penetration tests conduct vulnerability assessments to determine if there are critical vulnerabilities that put your business at risk. A penetration testing team will conduct a thorough pen test to determine security weaknesses.

After that, they can show you penetration test reports. You can discuss the results of attack simulations to determine the impact that real-world attacks will have on your business. Then, you’ll work closely with professionals, such as a security team or security manager, to determine what security features you need to increase your security posture.

How to Choose a Pentesting Company

Choosing the right penetration company for the job is essential to guarantee that your company continues to both survive and thrive. You need a company that will exceed your expectations, helping you to protect your most valuable asset: your business.

Types of Testing

When considering which company to work with, it’s vital to discuss the types of testing performed by the company.

HIPAA penetration testing is something that every business needs. Experienced hackers can infiltrate your security measures to seize your most confidential information, such as clients’ names, phone numbers, credit card information, and more. Data breaches like these can take years to recover from because they result in clients losing trust in companies.

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Mobile application penetration testing is essential for businesses that have mobile applications. These are often left out when businesses complete other testing measures. It leaves you vulnerable to security threats when you work with a company that doesn’t offer mobile application testing.

Manual penetration testing remains as important as the other types of testing. Automated tests are exceptional, but these can miss things that a human will not. Choose a pen testing company that offers a wide variety of pen testing as well as physical security testing to ensure that your company can withstand cyber attacks.


Before selecting a company to work with, it’s important to consider how much experience the company has. Pen testing companies that consist of employees with little or no experience are less likely to have the skills and experience necessary to protect you against attacks.

You can determine the level of experience within most companies with a quick glance at their website. For example, Cybri Penetration Testing company states on their website that most of their CRT are veterans. If a person can work to protect our country from attacks, you can trust that they will put in the same effort to protect your business.


The overall cost is an important factor to consider. While high quality work does have a higher price tag, there are ways that you can work with your budget.

Look at the price for each individual aspect of the security plan. Most companies will charge a steady rate for mobile application testing, but another rate for HIPAA penetration testing. The more in depth testing is, the higher the cost is.

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Schedule a free demo or consultation with a company before deciding to work with them on a regular basis. During this period, ask questions regarding the cost of individual services. If you have a set budget, tell them that. Most companies will work with you to determine how they can meet your needs without going over budget.

Company Reputation

A company’s reputation can instantly tell you whether you should work with a pen testing company. Companies should be able to provide you with examples of previous companies they have worked with. This is especially true for companies that claim to have years of experience. A company that provides references is more likely to have a good reputation compared with a company that refuses to provide references.

Company reputation regarding their experience and results is important, but that is not the only reputation you should be concerned with. How companies treat their clients is equally important.

A pen testing company should remain professional through every interaction. This includes when you originally speak with a company regarding an estimate. If companies are disrespectful during this stage, it speaks about their character as a company or lack of.

You want to work with a company that treats you with respect and consideration. Communication should not be a problem. Instead, there should be open communication regarding what testing is being done, the results of testing, and ongoing feedback regarding what security measures need to be implemented to ensure that your company is not at a high risk of dealing with cyberattacks that you cannot fend off.


While all penetration testing companies provide initial testing, not all companies provide retesting. Retesting involves the company testing again after security measures are implemented. This is done to show you the results of the security measures and can show you that your company has a higher security profile than it previously did. Make sure that the company you work with offers retesting.

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You need to ask companies what their retesting policy is. Some companies provide one retest, but nothing more. Others may provide several. Understanding the retesting policy can prevent problems later, and can help you trust the company to provide results. Companies that don’t know if their remediation efforts are going to be successful are not going to find it beneficial to have a retesting policy.


Companies can easily say that they ran a few automatic tests in an attempt to sell you services. This doesn’t apply to every company, but there are always a few bad apples in a bunch.

Transparency allows you to see the testing process as it happens, or receive consistent communication regarding the testing. Every time a new risk is exposed, you should know about it. It’s best to avoid companies that do offer transparency regarding testing or testing results.

What Should You Look for in a Pentesting Company?

Businesses that are concerned about cyberattacks should look for a company that is honest, respectful, and transparent. That same company should have prices that fall within the budget. Last, they should be willing to show you that remediation efforts were successful.



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