MoboRobo Lets You Easily Manage Android and iOS Devices On Your PC

Since Smartphones and Tablets have become essential gadgets, it is important to backup and organize the data. iOS devices has its default content manager, iTunes to organize all the apps and media files, but Android devices don’t have any data managing application by default. Some of the companies like Samsung, HTC, etc., have their own desktop managers and there are plenty of third party applications available for PC. Moborobo is one such application for Windows, which lets you manage all your Android and iOS devices in a single place. It is one of the powerful desktop managers for your Smartphones and Tablets. Lets have a look at the features and functions of the app below.


Moborobo is a free desktop manager for Windows. You can download the app using the link at the end of this post. Once you complete the installation, you will see a window as shown in the screenshot above. It supports all the Android Smartphones, Tablets, iPhone, iPod and iPad. To connect your device for the first time, you need to connect it using your USB cable. As soon as your device is connected, the app will pull all the details like, model, firmware version, storage and much more. Also, there will be a complete information about the number of contacts, messages, apps, etc., on your device in the bottom of the window.


The application supports two types of connectivity. Either you can connect your device via USB cable or using your WiFi network. iOS devices don’t support wireless connectivity, you need to connect the device only using the cable. On the top menu bar, there will be seven different options to manage your device. Using these options you can explore or take a backup of all your apps, images and media files on your device. Also, there will be a separate file manager available in the homepage to find all the hidden files on your device.

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There will be small button available near to file manager option in the home page, which lets you toggle between the internal storage and the SD Card of your device. You don’t need to separately connect your devices, just connect all of them to a single WiFi network and toggle between them using the Switch Device option on the home page. To connect your Android devices via WiFi, you need to download its Android app from the Play Store. Since iOS devices don’t support direct file transfers, you can explore all the files and folders on the device and take a backup, in case you need. Android users can move, delete and transfer files from your PC and mobile devices.

Also, it lets you share the clipboard between your PC and Mobile devices. So, you can transfer text and links between different devices. If you are looking for a good desktop manager, for your mobile devices, Moborobo is worth giving a try. Share your views about the app in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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