How To Do Folder Actions Setup For Folders On MAC

Macintosh is one of the reliable operating systems and provides a lot of features to the users. The MAC users will feel comfort in organising the files and folders and it grants multiple options to work with. Apple wants its customers to stay in comfort zone all the time. They work hard in achieving this and it can be felt while using MAC. It lets the users to work with automation tools to complete the tasks in an efficient way.

Folder Actions Setup is kind of pretty good option to automate the tasks. The users can activate and apply some scripts to automate and get the works done automatically. It sets users to add an alert when someone adds a file to this folder, when it is worked on network. It grants some other useful functions to be done with images and files. Here is how to set it to the folders which you want to.

Step 1:

Highlight the folder which you want to set Folder Actions Setup

Step 2:

Right Click on it and Choose Services –> Folder Actions Setup

Folder Actions Setup - MAC

Step 3:

Choose a script to attach from the list. Multiple scripts can also be added

Step 4:

Click on “Attach”

Folder Actions Setup - MAC

Step 5:

Check “Enable Folder Actions”, If it was not

Folder Actions Setup - MAC

Step 6:

Click on + / – signs to add / delete a folder action

Folder Actions Setup - MAC

Step 7:

Click on + / – signs to add / delete a folder action script

Folder Actions Setup - MAC



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  1. Hi Dadha Kumar,
    Great post, you shared good point about folder action in mac os. I am really impresses with your post. You discussed good information for how to do folder actions setup for folders that was difficult to find.Thanks to share this useful information with us.

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