PushBullet Enables FileSharing Between Chrome and Android Devices

We have plenty of file sharing options between Browsers and Smartphones. Especially for Chrome and Android, we have many apps to sync and share files between Android devices and PC. Previously I wrote about an extension to send and receive Android text messages from Chrome and an extension to access and organize all the Android data from PC.

Today I came with an another interesting application called “PushBullet”, to exchange data between Chrome and Android devices. Actually PushBullet app for Android can receive data from any browsers. Recently the Android app was updated to connect with its Chrome extension to receive files from the Android devices.


To start using the app, first you have to download and install the “Push Bullet” app in your Android device and Chrome. You can download the app for Chrome and Android using link at the end of this post. First install the app in your Android device. As soon as you complete the installation, it will ask you to choose from the Gmail accounts you have configured in your device. After selecting the Gmail account it will take you to the homepage and it will be blank if you are using the app for the first time.


Click the Push Bullet icon with a “+” symbol on the top right corner to start transferring the files from your Android device to PC. You can transfer Notes, Links, Pictures and much more from the application. There is a swipeable sidebar which contains the account information and the pushes (files) you have sent. In Chrome, after installing the extension you can see the Push Bullet icon near to the URL bar. If you click that you can see a window as shown in the screenshot below.

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From the Push bullet’s chrome extension you can select the device and send links, files and much more from your browser. To see and manage all the Pushes you have sent, click the “View pushes” option in that extension window. It will take you to Push Bullet’s web interface where you have an inbox which contains all the pushes you have sent and received. You can also manage the devices connected to your Push Bullet account from the web interface.


If you are looking for a file sharing app between your PC and Android devices, Push Bullet is an excellent choice. Try this app on your Android devices and PC and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Push Bullet for Android

Download Push Bullet for Chrome



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