Export your Tweets, Mentions and Much More from Twitter using twDocs

For all the popular web services, we have an inbuilt option to export the user data. Sometimes the default export options won’t match our expectations. In web services like Twitter, Facebook, etc., you can backup only a limited amount of data. That’s why we have plenty of third party apps to take a backup of our web accounts completely. Today I came with one such application called “twDocs” for Twitter. It helps you to take a complete backup of all your tweets, mentions, direct messages, etc.


You don’t need to sign up or download any application to export your data. Just go twDocs web app, select the option you need to export and authorize the app from your Twitter account to download it. Once you visit the twDocs website,  you can see a list of options which can be downloaded from Twitter. Another important advantage of this application is, it supports plenty of documents formats to download your Twitter information. You can export the data into PDF, DOC, HTML and much more formats.


To start the exporting process, first you should select which data you need to export. Under the “I want to export” section, you can see a list of options in which can be  downloaded from Twitter.  For instance, if you want to download all your latest tweets, Click “My Tweets” and enter the  number of tweets in the box below. Then select the file format in which you need to export your tweets. Click the “Go” button to authorize the app and download the tweets.

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Also you can specify a twitter username and download all their tweets, favorites and mentions in a single file. This is an excellent option to catch up all the updates from a person and it will be very helpful for offline access. Below the list, you can see “Advanced options” link. Click that to customize your exporting options. By default all the options will be enabled, you can uncheck the one you don’t need.


Twitter is a massive application. If you follow more than 10,000 people, it is not easy to go through all their tweets. You may miss some of the tweets from important people. twDocs will help you to download all of them and lets you read even when you are offline. Try this web app and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading do share this post with your friends.

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