7 Handy Tools To Help You Unfollow People On Twitter

After years of being active on Twitter, there is one thing I have learned. There comes a time when you just have excessively many people who you follow, and your Twitter stream is flooded with tweets. You miss out the chance to view the interesting and good ones, for which you actually joined Twitter.

Below, I have compiled a list of seven amazing tools that will help you unfollow people on Twitter easily. You do not need to visit each individually and click on “Unfollow” them to do so. These services will make your work easy and effective.


UnTweeps is the first tool on the list to help you unfollow unimportant people on Twitter, which will evidently help you clean your Twitter stream of massive unwanted flood.

UnTweep is an online website and tool that allows users to connect to their Twitter account and unfollow all those “following” users who have not been active on Twitter for a specific period.

Just give UnTweep the numerical value – the people who have not updated their status since “X” days – and UnTweep will automatically scout through your “following” people and unfollow all those who have not updated their status.

Once the list is generated, the user can quickly unfollow all those you wish and keep those who you think may come around later on (or are of value to you).


Tweepi is yet another helpful website on the Internet that allows Twitter users to unfollow all users who are inactive on Twitter and even people who do not follow you back.

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Tweepi allows much more than this cleanup and allows users to follow new people using a list or a “Role Model” – follow the people your role model follows.

If your Twitter stream is getting flooded with masses of unwanted stuff use the “Cleanup” feature on Tweepi to find people who tweet a lot of replies, post links every now and then, and even find people based on their Klout score.


JustUnFollow is an online Twitter application that allows users to sort twitter users according to their activity and unfollow them accordingly.

The service can be used to find people who are not following you (yet you follow them), users who have been inactive for specific time, and even find your favorite fans.

The “Inactive Following” option can be used to find people in your Twitter “Following” list who have not been active on Twitter for the last 1+, 3+, or 6+ months.

Just one downside of the website is the fact that it only allows users to unfollow up to 25 people in 24 hours. There is a cap limit.

The whitelist option can be used to protect a few important people from accidental unfollow.

Twerp Scan

Twerp Scan is a helpful online tool that should be used for people who are tired with the flood of unwanted tweets on Twitter. This is usually a problem for people who follow hundreds and thousands of people, and unfollowing one at a time would be a waste of time.

Twerp Scan can be used to sort and organize your Twitter followers and the people you follow. Just give Twerp Scan access to your Twitter account and the service will list down to you your followers and the people you follow.

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You will be shown your Followers/Followed users who you can then block or unfollow quickly.

TheUnfollow app

TheUnfollow app is a simple, easy to use online tool for Twitter users who want to get rid of people that do not spark the interest of the user.

Just like all the other tools, the tool analyze your Twitter account and lists down all the users you are following and under different columns tell you regarding different stuff, for example, whether that specific user follows you back, or the number of mentions you have with them, or even the last tweet they did.

This allows you to find users you want to unfollow and clean your Twitter stream while you are at it.

Twit Clean

Twit Clean is an online website that helps Twitter users unfollow twitter users that may be classed as “spammers, bots, boring, etc.

Twitter is a place to find new and interesting things and it becomes difficult to do so if you have hundreds of tweets coming from the same person about a link to his article – an attempt to gain traffic or so.

Once Twit Clean and Twitter have been linked together, Twit Clean will analyze your account and send you a DM (Direct Message) on Twitter with a link to your account’s analysis report.

The report gives you a summary and report of the people you follow. This includes the number of people who post original content, who are inactive or even who tweet a lot.

Below, you can see users who tweet identical posts, users who use advertising network and spam your twitter stream with app spam (such as paper.li, 4sq, etc).

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You can even find all the “Bots” you are following – bots send out their tweets from their RSS feeds and are an automated process.

Manage Flitter

Use ManageFlitter to find people who you follow, people who unfollowed you, people you can follow to build up your own followers and even link your Google+ account to your Twitter account.

Use the options to unfollow people who have unfollowed you, inactive users who have not posted for long time and even people who tweet too much. People who tweet too much end up flooding your twitter stream, taking the interesting and “worth to read” tweets below the flood.

Once you have linked ManageFlitter with your Twitter account you can view all the people who are not following you back, who do not have a profile picture and are probably users who just made an account on Twitter and then never stayed.

You can even find people who are “Inactive” or “Talkative” – this allows you to remove unwanted people from your list, and remove a few people who are active yet post excessively many tweets that are not of interest to you.



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3 thoughts on “7 Handy Tools To Help You Unfollow People On Twitter”

  1. Subhorup Dasgupta

    interesting and useful post. i do not have a huge following list, but like you pointed out, there are people who do not update and people who update excessively and unnecessarily. i typically end up unfollowing when i come across their tweets or when i go to my following list once in a while. these tools are a good solution for such situations. 

  2. Interesting and useful post. I use Manage Flitter to unfollow people on twitter. I will use other handy tools to unfollow twitter followers which listed over here. Thanks for the post.

  3. When you just have excessively many people who you follow, and your Twitter stream is flooded with tweets. You miss out the chance to view the interesting and good ones, for which you actually joined Twitter.

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