Easily Change Color Scheme of Webpages With Colorific [Firefox]

Consider a situation: you came across a very useful website and you read it regularly. However, the only thing that you do not like about that specific website is its color scheme and you wish if there is a way to change it according to your own preferences. Look no further as colorific is the tool that can help you get rid of this problem.

Colorific 1

Colorific 3.0 is a free add-on for Firefox, and gives you total color control over how webpages are displayed. With Colorific, you can change website’s color scheme, adjust brightness and invert colors of any selected website.

After installing this add-on, a small icon will appear in Firefox taskbar. It has a dropdown menu from where users can easily change colors, invert brightness & hue, scale towards black, grey, white, scale away from black, grey, white, apply color filters and some other effects as well.

Colorific 8

Users can select what kind of effect they want and then click on the Colorific icon to get the desired effect. Do note that your browser may become unresponsive for few seconds after you click on Colorific icon.

You can even select which page elements are changed by selecting either;

  • Background styles (background colors and gradients),
  • Foreground styles (text and border colors),
  • Background images (images set as background) and/or
  • Foreground images (image and canvas elements).
  • Or by even selecting all of them!

Developers are still working on this add-on so you can stay updated for more features such as applying effects to all opened web pages and some other advanced options. One problem I noticed with the extension is that once you close the web page, all the changes are gone meaning that you have to apply the effects every time you open any webpage.

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Download Colorific (Mozilla Firefox)



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