Mishra Reader – WPF Based Google Reader Desktop Client for Distraction Free Reading

Google Reader is one of the most favored web based RSS readers amongst geeks, the greatest thing about Google Reader is availability of clients for each and every platform, be it Windows, Mac or Linux or Android based smartphones or Apple iPhone & iPad. In past we have covered FeedDemon, D7 Google Reader, Google Reader Android App, RSS Deck& FeedSquad.

Now here is yet another Google Reader desktop client Mishra Reader, for those who want to have distraction free reading environment and fan of Microsoft’s WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). Mishra Reader is a Google Reader client developed using WPF with focus on ergonomy and smooth animations and offers following features,

1. Copy to clipboard for scaled picture

2. Application icon in notification zone

3. Notifications

4. Starring

5. Categories support

6. Full support of subscriptions: You can now add, update and delete subscriptions

When you start Mishra Reader you need to login to your Google Reader account, you can also set the number items per request need to be fetched.

Once you login, Mishra Reader will present you all the unread feeds. Clicking on main feed will list all the unread feed of that site.

You can edit categories or add new feed right from main feed list. Also Mishra Reader allows you to open any article of the unread feed in your default browser.

Every time when new feeds are available Mishra Reader will display small notification on taskbar notification area.

Download Mishra Reader Google Reader Desktop Client.

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