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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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12 Responses to Download Google Chrome Clone Browser SRWare Iron

  • sigh says:

    Iron is a fork or chromium as is google’s crhome.

    However, Iron is evil-free

  • haha says:

    “..biggest concern among chrome users is Google Chrome Privacy Policy. With this privacy policy, Google gets enough power to get smallest details like which user is surfing what”.

    This is no different from IE8 beta, using your browsing information to “suggest” sites using the “suggested sites” feature.

    Nor, is it any different than Microsofts attempt at potential Privacy leaks with it’s versions of windows includeing Windows 7, with it’s sensors feature integrated into the Operating system, or it’s Customer experience Improvment program, or it’s crash reporting feature. If your machine is running A Microsoft Product, then you are compeletly unaware of the privacy information sent to Redmond, or you are comfortable with having your identity possibly known, your computer habits analyzed, and applications installed.

  • PhiRez says:

    can wait to try..

    hope this is a good info^^

  • Jon says:

    Unless they plan on keeping up with the builds being released by Google, I will not use.

    It’s a good browser, just a lot of butthurt Firefox fanboys out there.

  • Matthew says:

    Phirez – you are a prat.

    Butthurt Firefox Fanboys? Why would Firefox fanboys make a browser out of Chromium? Idiot.

  • kenny says:

    the clone is very good for browsesing, so i have to download it to my computer.

  • vege says:

    not sure if this browser has any future – Google will create Chrome new ver with good security standards and than .. what Iron will be good for?

  • Alice Marques Machado says:


  • Iwadlawd says:


  • DWAADWW says:


  • westword6 says:

    Which version of the English language is being used on this site? It seems to be a clone with flawed source code.