Run Mac OS X Widgets on Windows 7 with Kludgets Engine

Mac OS Widgets

Like Windows Vista, Windows 7 sidebar also supports Gadgets which you can download from Windows gadgets library and add it on your Windows 7 sidebar. Now here is an interesting tool Kludgets Engine which lets you to run Mac OS Widgets on Windows 7 & Vista Sidebar.

Kludgets is a widget engine. Dashboard compatible, opensource, webkit based, QT Nokia based & steals the best features from all the widget engines.

Kludgets Engine in Action

Kludgets Engine - Run MAc OS Widgets on Windows 7

(Click on Image to Enlarge)

Kludgets engine also works on Linux and is an open source app. You can donwlaod Mac OS Widgets from here

Download Kludgets Engine to run Mac OS X Widgets on Windows 7 & Vista.

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