Completely Uninstall Panda CloudAV Antivirus with Panda CloudAV Uninstaller

Panda CloudAV Antivirus

We have already reviewed first cloud computing based antivirus Panda CloudAV. Panda Cloud Antivirus introduces radically new protection model with lightweight thin-client agent and real-time scanning-from-the-cloud. Panda Cloud Antivirus is best suited for both high end as well as lower spec computers.

Many users have already started using Panda CloudAV beta version. Recently Panda CouldAV beta 2 was released and while upgrading from Panda CloudAV Beta1 to Beta2 some users have come across problems during the uninstall/reinstall upgrade procedure.

In order to try to make things easier on users Panda CloudAV developers created an uninstaller standalone application for Panda Cloud Antivirus, so if you facing issue while upgrade to beta 2 use Panda CloudAV Uninstaller to completely uninstall Panda CloudAV Antivirus.

Screenshot of Panda CloudAV Uninstaller

Panda CloudAV Uninstaller

Download Panda CloudAV Uninstaller

Source: Jkwebtalks

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