10 Best Time-Management Apps for Students

Best Time Management Apps for Students

Even if you have never used any time management app before, just think about setting an alarm clock to wake up in the morning. The purpose is basically the same as it aims to keep you aware of all the things that you have to do. However, in some cases, you’ll deal with additional features that will help you become more productive as you get all kinds of alerts that will keep you focused. Let us not forget the helpful apps that assist in terms of time allocation and can be useful when you plan a party or do not want to miss that NFL game or a favorite TV show. All things considered, here are ten options to explore:

10 Best Time-Management Apps for Students

1. myHomework Student Planner

It is a good planner that will fit both school students and university pros. It has a calendar with all the tracking features for your exams. You can also sync your apps that will alert you about what you have to do even when it is not related to your studies. However, it is not enough to have your deadlines met if you do not know how to proofread or to follow some academic formatting! You can consider Grab My Essay for your writing needs. Combining your time management app with professional help online will be the best solution.

2. Evernote

It is one of those popular time management apps that needs no introduction. It has it all from calendar and calculator to PDF and text editors to keep your notes and important information always at hand. Still, what makes Evernote so special is the great number of import and export options. Installing this app alone will help you to keep everything under control.

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3. Pomodairo App

A great app to help you with your essay writing duties as it will alert you every 25 minutes when you need to take a break from writing and finally rest your back (and tired eyes). It also keeps track of your distractions as you switch the tabs or spend time without typing anything. An excellent motivational solution! Without a doubt, essay writing is not easy, which is why it is good to check the Top Essay Writing review and learn how you can get professional help when you are dealing with writer’s block. After all, it is a great time-saver too!

4. Trello

It is one of those productivity apps that helps to control your tasks and create various “to-do” lists. As a project management tool, it is also a great way to collaborate with other students or even college professors as you share different ideas or host student parties. It is great for any case where time plays a crucial role. It works well with the majority of apps that you may have installed. It is for certain that you will have hours of fun using this awesome app!

5. StayFocusd

It is one of those anti-distractors that you may install either as an app or a Chrome extension. The purpose here is to avoid all the time-wasting websites that will have lots of fake news or things that will simply take your time away. It is a great way for students to avoid certain websites that are not helpful. Of course, if you want to spend your time reading, it is much better to explore your subject instead!

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6. Anti-Social

This one is an excellent app for your phone that will keep your social media alerts collected while you study, so you do not miss anything. As you set things up and start with your homework, it will forbid you from visiting Facebook or Instagram until your time that you have allocated is over. It may sound simple, yet it works!

7. Remember The Milk

Although it sounds quite funny, it is one of those time management solutions that help you to unite your favorite social media platforms, calendars, email, and many other aspects of your social life to let you schedule things and never forget this or that. It is quite simple and does not take much memory as it reads information from various sources to keep you safe.

8. Finish

Another similar time management app that will work well for those people who like to have everything in a nice visual form. It is an app that will assist procrastinators and reward them with nice sound effects and awards. If you want to keep things fun without being annoyed, you can install this interactive solution.

9. Coach.me Community Solution

If you want to join a helpful community of students that want to achieve certain goals, this unique app is worth checking out. You will cooperate with people to shape good habits and become more productive as you will earn “good karma” props that will help you achieve recognition as you help people and improve your skills. This app is very popular since it serves as a different time management tool that is also a social product. After all, when we are limited in terms of social contacts, this app becomes a comforting solution.

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10. SimpleMind+

In case you have heard about mind maps, this app might be familiar to you. If you are new to this concept, it is a great way to synchronize your tasks and organize your thoughts by drawing special graphics and timetables. You can also add photos, videos, voice recordings and customize what you see as you browse through your mind map. It can be either your plan for the day or for the weak or even months ahead. The most important is an extensive adjustment that will fit your design ideas and inspire you!

The Matters of Time

The Matters of Time

If you plan to install a dozen of time management apps and still do nothing, it will not help you much because procrastination is the worst thing that college students must battle. The trick is to reward yourself as you achieve something and feel inspired no matter what. You may have a boring task to complete that will take hours to get done, yet if you add something personal and analyze your subject beyond the textbook, it will help you to spend time differently. Just set your priorities and you will enjoy every minute of your studies!


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