Reasons for Choosing Calendly Over Chili Piper

Calendly vs Chili Piper

Chili Piper is a computerized planner app for inbound lead conversion. It plans to help its customers transform inbound leads into qualified gatherings faster. The cycle is basic; what it does is make a lead fill a form with their subtleties; at that point, they take this information alongside Salesforce’s information to qualify and course the lead. Then associate the possibility progressively and set up appointments to speak with them better.

Chili Piper’s Drawbacks

Although there are countless features that this app offers, there are still many people out there who prefer another alternative over Chili Pipers services. Here we are listing only a few to see why Calendly is a better option in this calendly vs. chili piper war.

  1. Restricted to Salesforce 

Numerous clients who have encountered this application have felt that if you attempt to go past the Salesforce CRM, it very well may be hard to work on Chili Piper. Chili Piper utilizes Salesforce information to course the leads. Simply by restricting to Salesforce, it won’t interest various clients.

  1. Helpless client assistance 

Client care is significant; however, what Chili Piper offers regarding connecting with them isn’t extraordinary. If you ever have to reach out to them, you need to fill in a form, and if you draw in with them using chat, you need to hang tight for somebody on the opposite side to be accessible. Consequently, the correspondence isn’t instant; you should stand by. This process can be baffling amid quick help to determine an issue.

  1. Can’t match up gatherings with more than one schedule 

There is only one calendar if you need to match up your gatherings. Not all salesmen can utilize one schedule; there would be numerous schedules utilized by comfort and simply matching up arrangements to one is an enormous limit here.

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Benefits of Choosing An Alternative Like Calendly

On the other hand, Calendly allows you to plan gatherings with the requirement for to and fro email exercises. It is excessively simple to begin on this application; you should set up this application and spot your accessibility plan; at that point, share that interface through email or spot it on your site. When a possibility picks their advantageous time, it will reflect in your schedule as well.

Best highlights of Calendly: 

  • Works with your Google, Outlook, Office 365, or iCloud schedule
  •  Set cushion times between gatherings
  •  Assists with keeping away from any very late gatherings
  •  Gives time region identification to a better comprehension of when there is a possibility for a meeting.

Why pick Calendly over Chili Piper?: 

  • Prospects might want to study more about the product with free preliminary assistance, which Chili Piper doesn’t give.
  • With regards to estimating, Chili Piper costs much more than what Calendly offers


  • Gives better product help with its computerized booking highlight
  • Allows you to assume control over the planning cycle according to your considerations

So, in conclusion, if you are looking for a better alternative to Chili Piper, you should try Calendly. It’s more cost-effective and even more productive



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