View RAW files and it’s EXIF quickly with FastRawViewer

Nowadays, we can find every other person with a DSLR. Some of them are hobbyist, some professionals and others just want to take better selfies. People who own a DSLR know that they have the option of shooting in normal JPEG mode or in RAW mode. RAW is basically a much better option compared to JPEG. You can post-process a RAW file using your favorite software like LightRoom or Adobe Photoshop with amazing command.

These RAW files (unlike JPEG’s) are huge in size and one can’t open them in their normal picture viewer. Apps like Irfan view with a plugin installed can work but it won’t show you the EXIF (Exchangeable image file format) data of that picture.

FastRawViewer is a free application that does that job easily. It has the ability to open RAW images with every EXIF detail very quickly. FastRawViewer doesn’t take up much memory and works on computers with low specs.


FastRawViewer is not only a viewer. You can also set ratings and labels and setup basic corrections like color temperature, exposure, white balance etc.


FastRawViewer features

  • Extremely fast display,
  • Visual and technical analysis,
  • Basic corrections,
  • Setting ratings and labels,
  • Moving the keepers to chosen folders,
  • Directly transferring for further processing of RAW files

So if you’re a photographer or just own a DSLR and want to go through those RAW files quickly. You have to check out FastRawViewer. It works with almost all the RAW formats, whether it’s Nikon, Canon or Sony and is available for Mac OS X and Windows.

Download FastRawViewer


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