5 Best Windows 8/8.1 Apps For Facebook Lovers

Apart from the native Facebook app for different platforms, there are plenty of add-ons and third party apps available for Facebook. Windows Store is definitely not an exception for that. They are slowly coming up with interesting apps and games for Windows 8 users. Also, the Metro UI and the new Windows 8.1 update, gives an excellent interface to access the installed apps. Windows Store has the official Facebook app, but there are some interesting apps available for Facebook lovers. I’ve handpicked some of the best applications in that and listed below.

Social NV

Social NV is one of the popular Facebook apps for Windows 8. It will completely revamp the interface of your Facebook timeline. You can experience a new look of Facebook posts, profiles, notifications, etc.. The flat and colorful design of the app will give you a different look and feel from the native Facebook app. Not only browsing, you can like, comment and share posts on your FB timeline right from the app. Social NV’s live tile on the start screen will help you to get real time notifications from your Facebook account.


Vibe For Facebook

Vibe for Facebook is yet another awesome application for Facebook lovers. Similar to Social NV, it just gives a new browsing experience on your Facebook news feed. The unique interface of the app will give you a change from the regular look of your Facebook timeline. The photos and album viewer of the app, gives a beautiful interface to browse photographs on Facebook. The minimal design of the app gives a clutter free interface and bring all the important options to the front for quick access.

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vibe for facebook

Facebook Scheduler

Facebook Scheduler works similar to the concept of Buffer. It helps you to schedule status updates on your Facebook account. You can set a specific date and time, to post status updates, images and links on Facebook. The interface is pretty simple and easy to understand. All you have to do is, connect your account and schedule the posts on a specific time. You can see all the scheduled posts in the “Pending Statuses” section. You can also connect your Google+ and Twitter to schedule posts to all of them at the same time.

facebook scheduler

FB Calendar

FB Calendar is a simple application to go down your Facebook memory lane. Most of the people on Facebook are using it for more than two years and I was using Facebook for the last five years. So, people who are using Facebook for a long time will have a lot of things to look back. FB Calendar for Windows 8 will help you to dig those memories from your Facebook account. The timeline option on Facebook does the same thing, but it takes a lot of time. In FB Calendar, just select the year and month, it will list all your posts and activities on that particular period of time.


FB Pages Manager

If you own a Facebook page, then FB Pages Manager is a must have application on your Windows 8 PC. It is an excellent page managing app, which brings all the admin options and functions to your PC. You can share, update and delete posts from your Facebook page right from the app. Also, you will receive notifications for post likes, page likes, comments, shares, etc. Above all that, you can see the complete page analytics in the application. The app will be very helpful, if you are managing multiple pages on Facebook.

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fb page manager

If I’ve missed any of your favorite Windows 8 apps for Facebook, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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