How To Compress Images Without Losing Its Quality

The days of low resolution grainy photographs have been gone. Nowadays, Smartphones and digital cameras have reached 4K resolution and offers photographs and videos with very high quality. The high resolution images also increased the file size on the other side. Though we have many cloud services which offers huge storage space, we cannot fill all those spaces with our images alone. Recently Canon launched its new Cloud Service called Irista, which offers 10GB of storage space to store images alone. So, if we want to wisely use those storage spaces, it is important to compress the size of the images.

Some of the compression techniques may reduce the quality of the image to reduce its size. Today I’ve come with a new web application called “”, which lets you compress the images without losing its quality. Here’s how it works.

Compressor is a free web app to quickly compress large size images without reducing its quality. You can visit to start using the application. You don’t need to register or connect your social accounts to use the app. You can upload images straight away as soon as you reach the website. The only catch in the application is, you cannot upload file size more than 10MB and only one picture can be compressed at a time. Except that, it can quickly upload and compress your images.

The web app supports four different image formats like JPG, PNG, GIF and SVG. Also, it offers two types of compression called “Lossy” and “Lossless”. Lossy compression will reduce very minute amount of image quality and offers compression of 80% of the image size. Lossless will not touch the quality of the image and offers compression of 60% of the image size. The process of uploading and compression is pretty quick and the real time slider after the compression will show the difference between the original and the compressed image.

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Another important feature in Compressor is, you can save the compressed image to your Dropbox and Google Drive account right from the application. You can compress any number of images for free, but only one at a time. For people who use high resolution cameras, this will be a great tool to save space on their storage devices. Try this web app to compress your images and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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