How to Update iPod Touch to 3.0 Firmware For Free

iPod Touch 3.0 Firmware

Apple is all set to release iPhone & iPod Touch Firmware 3.0. OS 3.0 is second major firmware update for iPhone & iPod touch. iPhone 2G, 3G users are allowed to have free upgrade to iPhone firmware 3.0, however iPod touch users need pay $9.95 to upgrade to OS 3.0.

We are sure many users are not happy with this kind of behavior from apple towards iPod Touch Users. Well don’t worry we will tell you how you can update iPod Touch 3.0 for free once apple had release OS 3.0 for iPod Touch.

How to Upgrade/Update iPod Touch 3.0 Firmware  For Free

1. Download & Install iTunes 8.2

2. Download iPod Touch 2G Firmware 3.0 IPSW iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

& iPod Touch 1G Firmware 3.0 IPSW iPod1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

(if above downloaded file is in zip format then change extension from .zip to .ipsw or you can click on save as link and must save it as .ipsw file)

3. Connect your iPod Touch to computer

4. Start iTunes 8.2 & Select iPod Touch from devices list

5. Hold Shift and click Restore.

6. Locate iPod Touch ipsw files downloaded in step 2

7. Do not disconnect till iTunes has completed updating iPod Touch

That’s it, Now enjoy your iPod Touch 3.0 Firmware.

Check out Download links for iPhone 2G/3G & iPod Touch 2G 3.0 Software update

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362 thoughts on “How to Update iPod Touch to 3.0 Firmware For Free”

  1. so will you guys update the “iPod Touch Firmware 3.0 IPSW” with a download link? is this the official or is it another beta? Thanks! YOU SAVED MY LIFE! PLEASE REPLY!

  2. Hello! I for one stayed home today to get the new OS3 for my iPod Touch. Tell me, though. Will my data be overwritten by the OS upgrade?

  3. thanks for posting this update link!!!I juz want to make sure that whether u can give me the direct download link of ipod touch(2nd gen) os 3.0 ipsw file or not !!!.if so thanks >> Thank u all guys >>I dont wanna spend much my money on this update since it will only get me a few top notch new features like spotlight ,cut copy and shake to shuffle ,and the rest is filled wid features which is just for buying movies on the itunes store.Actually 3.0 is not a really big plus for ipod touch users

  4. a link would be nice – apple seem to have closed off their xml ipsw link with protected feeds :(

  5. When are you planning to activate the firmware link? I have been waiting from a long time. The firmware is already released.

  6. I was wondering if i will still be able to acess the itunes store and download stuff onto my ipod or will it know that i didnt purchase it and not give me future updates?

  7. Cool, lets see if it works. Apple needs to start respecting ipod touch users, they always give the “iphone freebees” while we have to pay over & over.. fuck that.

    Thanks for the link

  8. The real release? or is it the GM??!
    god, it’s been asked like 3 times now, nobody has answered

  9. Ohhhhhwww!!!
    U R The Men :P
    Tnks a LOT!
    U save my money, now I can go sleep healthy! Oo*
    I’ll share ur blog to the world now!
    And…. TNKS!!!!

  10. The firmware i downloaded was a .zip file
    It wont show up when i do the shit+restore
    What am i supposed to do?

  11. theres an easier way. put ur ipod into dfu and the click restore. do wat it says and it will download for free.

  12. iPod could not be restored an unknown error has occured. /:
    i tried it twice, didnt work uggh

  13. ipod touch fan

    The 3.0 for ipod touch 1G is a fake one. It only replaces your firmware number to 3.0, but not with the software update (you still can’t copy of paste)…
    I tried it.
    If you did it, there is nothing wrong with your ipod and WHEN apple launches the 3.1, you can get it for free… but that you could also do when you jailbraek your ipod, then you can download a app from cydia that can replace your firmware number.

  14. Hey Sandip, I have downloaded the zip file from the 2G link you specified above. I have extracted the files, but there are no .ipsw files in there. Can you give us clear instructions pls? Thanks

  15. This is awesome. I owe you $10. (But not really, because then I could’ve just downloaded it with Itunes, you understand right. Stuff on the internet is free right?) No but really, thanks a lot.

  16. i did the firmware upgrade and everything that was on the ipod is now gone. what gives with that. all my app’s are gone that i paid for.

  17. @Everyone To download this, try Right-click -> Save Link as (or Save Target As, or whatever your browser’s equivalent is). I don’t think browsers know how to handle the .ipsw extension. It downloaded this 258MB file fine for me.

  18. Hey Tony is mi again when you download the the update do you the a folder or a ZIP File if you get the ZIP file just change the extension from .zip to .ipsw

  19. Really ? are you THAT dumb that you cannot think that maybe… you shold unzip the file?

  20. I’ve had too errors when trying to do this using a touch G1.

    1. It does wipe your device.
    2. DFU mode and selecting update pulls down 2.2.1 unless you paid for the update already.
    3. Anyone else have errors when trying to upgrade to 3.0 on a gen 1 touch?

  21. Thanks for this, its worked on my 1G and my daughters 2G. Sod apple and their rip-off regarding touch owners. As for mbile phones, Android rules !!!!!!!

  22. If you just get a file named “iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw.zip” all you have to do is take the “.zip” off the filename, then *poof* it’s an Apple Device Software Update file.


  23. do we need a mac for this? cause i’m not getting to choose which file i want to update it with…

  24. I can’t get it to work!
    The firmware i downloaded was a .zip file
    It wont show up when i do the shit+restore
    What should I do?

  25. thx a looooot im from bolivia and we cant get the upgrade even if we want to pay so again thx a lot but this is a beta or the june 17th final release???

  26. sorry bout the last i didn’t read indeed is the final release just a clarification for everyone else but another question it is normal that with all the enhancements the ipsw file is shorter than before only 258MB against 277mb of the 2.2.1 ver -just asking

  27. I NEED HELP!!!!!!

    When I hold shift + restore, the file selector shows up. HOWEVER, when I select the folder, it just opens it up further, so I can’t select the whole file! I can’t select it at all in the end!! HOW DID YOU GUYS GET IT TO WORK?!?! TELL ME HOW PLEASE!! HOW DID YOU SELECT THE FILE?

  28. I NEED HELP!!!!

    I CAN”T OPEN THE WHOLE FILE! When it tells you to select a file, I click on the iPod 3,1,1 whatever, but then the file shows you more detailed files, and keeps on going until I can’t open anything!! Point is that I can’t open the file! HOW DID YOU GUYS DO IT?!?!? PLEASE TELL ME!

  29. i think this firmware ver. is Finanl GM ver. when i downloaded this file and find out it’s named firmware 7A341. The firmware has released last week GM Final ver. was named GM Final Firmware 7A341. So, Probably (i think) it is same firmware. not an official released by Apple on yesterday. i’m not sure. if somebody has more information. plz reply me. thx

  30. Rename the .zip to .ipsw if you can’t find it, it’s the iPod update file iTunes searches for.

  31. oh. i got more informations. the official firmware released by Apple yesterday it’s build 7A341 and it works!!! You guys should change the file name iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.zip -> iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipws

    if you want to change the file extension. change folder options.

  32. If your a Mac user and you download this file, you probably need to change the extension from “.zip” to “ipsw”.

    And in the step #5 above, instead of holding the “Shift” key, hold the “OPTION” key.

  33. I think this is GM final beta. Take a look at this torrent “Pod-touch-2nd-generation-os-3-0-firmware-GOLD-MASTER-final-beta-GM-7a341-ACTIVATION”

    The torrent’s page says it’s V3.0 7A341 which is also present on the .ipsw filenames download links above.

    Anyone can confirm this?

  34. if it downloads as a zip just rename it remove the zip off the end and add “ipsw” instead and it works

  35. So far so good the link to the .ipsw worked for the upgrade.
    ran the restore from last backup apps did not come back. However, setings do show 3.0 os
    re synced apps and music came back.

  36. I’m using windows and when i finished downloading it i get a zip folder. What do i with the contents? Theres no .ipsw file.

  37. Hey guys, for those having trouble finding the file.. If your using a Mac don’t press Shift + Restore, it’s Option + Restore.

  38. I tried to buy it but it didnt work, so i went into this blog and downloadede the link. yay!!!!!

    Ipod touch 3.0
    Mac book

  39. I did everything, change to .ipsw (also isfw), the icon changes to open for itunes.. so far so good.. but when I try to open it, the following message appears:

    The ipod touch could not be restored because the Firmware is not compatible.

    (I have dowloaded the link for ipod 2g (& using).)

    Any suggestions?

  40. The Bat Outta Hell

    Hey I have a good question. Should I back up before doing this, I dunno what it does to my app saves and music. Someone please let me know.

  41. Ok guys. I did 2nd Gen to 3.0 and I did it without losing any of my ipod files. I can only say this works for 2ND GEN ITOUCH TO 3.0 FINAL RELEASE. Here is what I did:
    1. Download the 2nd gen 3.0 ispw file.
    2. load up itunes.
    3. plug in your itouch.
    4. it will show up in your itunes. now on the main screen for it, there will be 2 options: “check for update” and “restore”
    5. click on “check for update”. it will take you to the page where it says the features and says “buy for 9.99” or “cancel”.
    6. press the cancel button.
    7. now it will return to the main page you were at, except this time it will say “update” instead of “check for update”
    8. hold your shift key and left click “update”
    9. double click the 3.0 file you downloaded.
    10. let it run its course like normal.

    wallah, you won’t have lost any files cuz it will treat it as an update and not a restore, and you will have a functioning 3.0 update. good luck folks.

  42. I just got it. It works perfectly, it’s a teensy nbit slower in booting up and everything, but that’s life. And make sure to BACKUP ALL YOUR APPS AND MUSIC ON YOUR IPOD it will delete it :P. Anyways, what’s the difference between GM and Apple update? And can I restore 2.2.1 again with another ipsw pack?

  43. Hi Guys, I already downloaded the file, but im worrying after clicking shift+restore, what will happen to my ipod content i.e music, videos, and pictures? Guys need your help to those who tried it. Thanks

  44. It will not let me delete the “.zip” part of the name it only shows “.ipsw” but when I hover over it says “.ispw.zip” someone said change the folder options, what do I change them to?

  45. Downloaded, installed, works, a thanks for it. The Shift/Option + Update sounds a good and probably working solution for keeping your contents, I restored it however before reading this solution, try out, and find out, good luck to everyone, and thanks again!

  46. Ok so i download the above file for ipod 2g 3.0 firmware upgrade comes as a .zip file. So i change add a .ipsw at the end of it, and it does not change the folder to the itunes installer icon. WTF? can anybody help? Thanks in advance.


  48. Ok. EDIT the above post. I figured it out. If you change the file .ipsw in the download pop up window before you download it, then it downloads it as a .ipsw file it worked!! So hope it helps if anyone else is having the same problem. Cheers!

  49. **EDIT** again. make sure when the window pops up you click the drop down menu where is says save as file type and click all files not compressed which it is default to. latez

  50. hi guys,
    i followed all the steps word for word, except 1 step.
    Instead of resoteing oyur ipod touch 1st gen, you hold shift and update then you locate .ipsw file then it updates Ipod touch to 3.0.
    I have just upated mine all the same tihngs on my ipod b4 works fine, just if you do not want to restore it press update instead.

    Thanks fo rthe freee update

  51. Learn to read guys, before posting the same question over and over again. Follow Bat Outta Hell’s instructions and you wont get it wrong. Thanks a lot Bat xP!

  52. Brad, to see the .zip extension, click “Tools” in a folder window (open My Documents for example) and select “Folder options”. Click on the “View” tab, then go down the list and uncheck the option to “Hide extensions for known file types”. Every file will not display its extenstion.

  53. I have followed the steps but twice i have had itunes stuck on verifying ipod restore or verifying ipod update.

  54. If you download the update from this site and Apple eventually comes out with another update to fix bugs on 3.0, will they find out that you downloaded the 3.0 update from somewhere other than iTunes when you try to download the next update? I mean, wouldn’t they notice an account that has the 3.0 update, but that it wasn’t paid for and that it’s not in the purchase history?

  55. I’m not sure why a lot of people are getting a ‘.zip’ extension after downloading. If you’re using Firefox, just download by right-clicking on the download link then choosing ‘save link as’ and it should show up with a .ipsw extension. After downloading it, follow “Bat Outta Hell”‘s instructions (above) and it should work flawlessly (just like Davo–again, see above–confirms). Thanks Bat!

  56. Not working for me. It seems that after downloading the file, Safari automaticly opens the ZIP folder, so when I search for it in iTunes its already open (no “zip” or anything). So even if I add the .ipsw at the end it won’t change to an iTunes file. I try to compress it again, then change the zip file to ipsw & the iTunes icon is there, but when I try to open it on iTunes (option + restore), it says Firmware not compatible.

    I’m done, i’ll buy it today.

    Good luck for the rest

  57. I have followed the steps but twice i have had itunes stuck on verifying ipod restore or verifying ipod update.

  58. Given the gist of the comments on here, there are a LOT of retarded ipod users. No wonder Apple does so well.

  59. Here is the way to do it. * I was confused too. :P If you are using Safari to download the file, when the download completed, Safari will open(unzip) the file automatically, therefore making it unusable. etc (ipod2,1_3) * DO NOT COMPRESS the file again because Safari is using another way that will destroy some information thus even after you replace the .zip with .ipsw, it will not work and ended up like NEKBETH firmware not compatible. What you have to do is: 1) use another internet browser to download it, such as IE8 or Firefox. 2) when prompt save as, choose .ipsw, Only IF. Then you are good to go. Most of you facing the problem will be solved here. GOOD LUCK ALL!

  60. Alright, I guess I just figured it out.
    I was facing what NEKBETH has encountered. But I didn’t give up because 10 USD cost me a lot. LOL!
    Ok, Here’s the way. FOR those Safari / Mac users ( included me ), when the download finished, Safari will automatically open the zipped file thus changing the file into ( iPod2,1_3 ) this is not the file you want, and by compressing it again and turn it into the zip file and replace it with the .ipsw will not work. * I personally tried * It is because Mac is using another way to compress it and thus this will change the file and making it unusable.
    What you have to do is – download the file with another internet browser, such as Firefox. If the downloaded file has the .zip, WARNING!! Do not unzip it as this will alter the file.
    What you have to do is – change the .zip into .ipsw in MAC select the file – select Get Info and at the end of the name and extensions, change it. and comfirm it. While in windows, I don’t think there’s a problem. ( For .zip extension, click “Tools” in a folder window (open My Documents for example) and select “Folder options”. Click on the “View” tab, then go down the list and uncheck the option to “Hide extensions for known file types”. Every file will now display its extenstion. ) And I am sorry for NEKBETH for buying it. T.T GOOD LUCK for the others.

  61. I used the touch 1G installer and it worked great, except I have no more touchscreen volume controls! Anyone else? any ideas how to fix this! I confirmed that I downloaded from the 1G link and not the 2G…

  62. Tried this and too complicated in safari, in firefox it is simple, just right click the link and chose save as to the desktop and it works

  63. Nevermind my last post…With the new software, the volume control only appears when you plug in headphones…

    I’m stupid…

  64. It’s actually ‘STUNKY’ who’s the only smart commenter on here: follow his detailed steps; it’s even better than the main blog post. Here they are again:

    1. Download the 2nd gen [or 1st gen] 3.0 ispw file.
    2. load up iTunes.
    3. plug in your iPod Touch.
    4. it will show up in your iTunes. now on the main screen for it, there will be 2 options: “check for update” and “restore”
    5. click on “check for update”. it will take you to the page where it says the features and says “buy for 9.99? or “cancel”.
    6. press the cancel button.
    7. now it will return to the main page you were at, except this time it will say “update” instead of “check for update”
    8. hold your shift key and left click “update”
    9. double click the 3.0 file you downloaded.
    10. let it run its course like normal.

  65. I did follow “Written By stunky” directions and it worked perfectly. I wish I new that earlier since last night I spent reloading my info. But tried again today with what was reloaded and everything was there after the update. Now I can do my son’s without worry.

  66. Worked perfectly for me! THX Bat Outta Hell! Steps worked perfectly. Used Firefox to DL and didn’t get the .zip issue. Time to play and figure this upgrade out

  67. I also used the “Written By stunky” instructions and it works. Ha take that apple lol

  68. No worries, I didn’t buy it. After I read that you needed a browser other than Safari, everything worked fine. The person that made this article just needs to be slapped a few times for not telling everybody “NOT TO USE SAFARI” cause he’s obviously a windows user & thinks everybody uses the same crapy OS.

    Thanks for the tip JD.

  69. I have followed the steps but twice i have had itunes stuck on verifying ipod restore or verifying ipod update.

  70. Confirmed, works perfectly on the 1st gen, didn’t run into any trouble at all. Copy & paste, spotlight, landscape keyboard and all the other good stuff is running well. If you’re on a Mac, download with Firefox, there is no need to change the file name/extension. Option+restore on iTunes will do.

  71. No issues with downloading; used Safari on Windows. Update installed successfully on iPod touch 2G. Works great! Save my $10.

  72. It works on my 2g. The only problem I have now is that I can’t update through itunes. I can’t purchase any apps since it says my account has been disabled. has anyone encountered this problem? Can you help me with this problem? Thanks

  73. Don’t forget on a mac you hold option while clicking restore – NOT shift! And the .ipsw is available all over the net, just google it :)

  74. I downloaded it yesturday for the ipod touch 2g and I thought I would use it today but found it was zip. I tried to download it again using the right click save target as, but it says it can’t download because I must be logged in to view the page or something. Is there a way to change the zip to an ipsw, or do I have to find a way to download it again?

  75. Am I the only one that can’t download these files? It gives me a 403 forbidden error

  76. PrinceZardell, when you restore your iPod it’ll get rid of all your apps music photos and everything since your last sync, so sync and backup everything.

  77. ununifiedunification

    When the jailbreak for the 3.0 firmware comes out will I still be able to jailbreak my ipod touch 2g if I upgrade with the free version of 3.0?

  78. Yesterday i downloaded from the link above the firmware for 2nd Gen.
    I could install it OK (after renaming the extension to .ipsw)

    I have to say that this update is NOT worth 10 bucks. Bluethoot only works with headphones, not for transferring files with other devices.
    There are some performance improvements and new functions that could be handy for some users but nothing that worths 10 bucks.

  79. Agreed, after unzipping there is no .ipsw file shown, so restore cannot find correct file. Can anyone who succeeded in restoring from this zip post how they did it? (I have the 2g Touch)

  80. I have to agree with JEFF, the person who wrote these instructions wasn’t very clear. I’ve been trying to figure out how to go about this since last night and finally figured out. All those people who tried this (and were disappointed like me) and it didn’t work don’t lose hope and try again. I’m just going to go over how I did it. I’m a window vista user and use internet explorer.

    1) Download the file above (provided on the article). It doesn’t really matter if you right click it and save as target or just click it and save it.
    2) Once you download it, it l be a zip file (don’t try extracting as I did and it doesn’t work , a lot of people will at this point be frustrated and it does really waste your time ) . You have to change the file extension to “.ipsw”. ( a lot of people think there would be a file in this folder to which you have to change the name but it’s not that ,you have to change the extension of the main file you have downloaded) if you can’t see “.zip” while renaming the file , open the zip file click on tools and go to folder options. Click on the view tab and uncheck “hide extensions from known files”. Then change the extension to .ipsw. The look of this file will change from a yellow folder to a white cube with icons on it.
    3) Open itunes and update it. I used the “shift+restore” option and it did update the ipod but deleted all the pictures videos applications etc. so I suggest use the update button, as my brother did and nothing got deleted and also his ipod was updated.

  81. NEKEBETH, I had the same problem but I figured it out. You can change the Safari setting so that it doesn’t open the zip file automatically.

  82. For Safari user, uncheck the “open ‘safe’ files after downloading” option on general tab in the Safari settings.

  83. I tried what all the comments said..I got it to download using Firefox but it says “Download is not compatible” and it’s saved as an .ipsw.. My iTouch is brand new and I really don’t feel like paying an extra 10 bucks after spending 300. Any help, please?

  84. hi i want this software update soo bad cuz i use cut and paste alot in my comp and it would be better to do everything with my ipod but the problem is that i have slow internet which sucks and i was wondering if a very nice person would use http://kgbarchiver.net/ this tool and compress it i would really appreciate it if u want to contact me im at [email protected]

  85. NEKBETH, apps will have access to bluetooth as well. You’re only experiencing that there’s no system wide bluetooth support outside of audio. Fear not, I have no doubt that apps like the ones that let you use the ipod/phone as a disk drive will add bluetooth filesharing, the mouse apps will add bluetooth mouse mode, and so on.

    All the new APIs for developers that will be 3.0 only makes it worth it. Apps will have a lot more freedom.

  86. Well it’s also meant for head to head app stuff like tap tap. Instead if playing on one iPod you can play on 2 or something like that. It’s also meant for head phones.

  87. Guys I just upgraded my iPod Touch 2G to the latest software and it worked without any issues.
    See steps I took: –
    1. Downloaded the 3.0 OS from http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/
    2. Save it to a Temp directory or somewhere you can find it.
    3. Once it has downloaded browse to the directory and rename the file, change it from a .zip to .ipsw
    5. Click on your iPod Touch on the left hand side and then on a PC hold the shift key and click on Restore.
    6. Browse to the location of the file you downloaded and click on Open or OK, can’t remember.
    7. iTunes will restore the firmware. It will reboot a couple of times.
    8. At one point when the iPod was supposed to be recognised by iTunes it came up with an error. I ignored it and I unplugged it and plugged it back in.
    9. This time iTunes picked up my iPod and asked me if I wanted to create a new iPod or restore it from backup.
    10. I chose to restore it from backup and everything was back to normal. GREAY SUCCESS!!!!

    Note I will not be responsible for any broken iPods. I thought I would share my experience and it worked fine for me.

  88. I had to put my 1g touch into DFU mode for the 3.0 update to work. Otherwise iTunes said it wasn’t compatible with my firmware.

  89. Thanks so much for the tip. this saved me ten dollars =]
    and it worked like a charm it im happy with it. and i do think its unfair that we have to pay for this upgrade when iphone users dont, oh well thats why we have great websites like these to help out us itouch users thanks again =]

  90. Just updated my 2G to the new 3.0 firmware. Going to give this new firmware a run for any new enhancements.

  91. yeah!!i too wanted to know what will happen to my jailbreak and apps if i do it by update method
    @ankit: Did u manage to find the answer yet?

  92. i cant update my ipod touch 2g to this firmware.

    when i select the firmware it says the ipod ibo56 cannot be restored becuse the firmware is not commpatible.

    please i need help.

  93. hi , well can someone help me? the problem is that when i click with my mouse in the first generation ipod download link , it doesnt open . i’ll be really happy and graceful if someone can send it to me by e-mail or something like that .
    thank you a lot..

  94. after i do the shift+update, it gives me a message saying that the file is not compatible. whats wrong?

  95. Hi guys, first of all, big thanks to those who provided this for free.

    It worked totally fine but there are a couple of things I’ve noticed:
    – I can’t seem to get the Bluetooth to work.
    – Landscape typing isn’t capable in spotlight search.
    – The irritating bug that makes the transferred photos blurry when zoomed is not yet fixed.

    So far, these are the few flaws I’ve noticed. Does the others who have installed it have the same issues?

  96. I have an ipodtouch with the version 2.2.1. I can´t upgrade to 3.0 with this ipsw file because it upgrade´s from 2.1
    Anyone nows how can i do this. or how can i downgrade to 2.1 first

  97. Is it possible to do SHIFT+Check For Updates and select 3.0 firmware so you dont have to restore

  98. Lots of people seem to have the problem of incompatibility!!! Someone please answer this question!!! How do you get around the “firmware not compatible” issue?????

  99. after i do the shift+update, it gives me a message saying that the file is not compatible. why is this im confussed

  100. I cannot download your 1G iPod touch update software from the link, because when I click on it, I get the following error message:

    An error occurred while processing your request.

    Reference #50.547ffea5.1245522288.10716f93

    What’s going on????

  101. When i press shift and restore it says its not compatible WTF is going on why wont it work for me i have a 1st gen ipod touch

  102. Alright, I got it from somewhere else.

    But now… I also just got the “iPod could not be restored an unknown error has occured” message!

    Mine was (40).

    For those of you thinking I “jailbreak”ed my iPod, no, I didn’t, and I don’t have a clue how to do that, so it’s not that.

    iTunes just asked me to restore the iPod again, so I am doing that. But all that did was reinstall 2.2.1.

    Guys, what the hell version of the 1G iPod OS 3.0 updater actually works????

  103. Third and final post:

    For those who are having the same troubles as me:

    Go through the entire process AGAIN (yes, that means, REPEAT every step, including the factory restore).
    For whatever reason, I had to try out the .ipsw file twice in order to get it to work (story of my life).
    Anyways, now it seems to be all working, 3.0 is loaded for me.

  104. is there any legal issues with this free download? why are there people who would want to downgrade their iPod touch back to 2.2.1 firmware when they already got firmware 3.0(which everyone yearns for).. any cons?

  105. Worked perfect for Itouch 1st gen. All apps still there.
    The big key is to shift+click update NOT restore.

  106. I don’t think its a great idea to tell people to do the Shift+Restore method. This will cause them to losoe all their data/songs/apps from the device (yes it can be added back later, but a pain in the ass). Instead do a Shift+Update.

  107. It’s work
    1. Download the 2nd gen 3.0 ispw file from http://www.felixbruns.de/ipod/firmware
    2. load up itunes.
    3. plug in your ipod touch.
    4. it will show up in your itunes. now on the main screen for it, there will be 2 options: “check for update” and “restore”
    5. hold your shift key and left click “update”
    6. double click the 3.0 file you downloaded.
    7. let it run its course like normal.

    you won’t have lost any files because it will treat it as an update and not a restore, and you will have a functioning 3.0 update. good luck folks.

  108. Seymour Dickmeat

    Hey Everyone,

    The 3.0 firmware for my iTouch 2G worked fine but when I checked out my iPod “Cydia” was replaced with a program called “VoiceMemos” does anybody know how or why this happened?

    tc everyone

  109. AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!! GODDAMMIT!!!!!! I tried to update my 2nd gen ipod touch using the shift+click on update.
    Everything seemed to be going fine, I did it exactly as described by STUNKY, but then iTunes said something like update not compatible or something. Now, my iPod is in recovery mode and before it can be used with iTunes, it needs to be restored. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!???
    I have so much shit on my iPod, music, videos, pictures, tons of it, i have the 32gb version so I loaded it full of stuff. And now I’m going to have to manually put everything back? NOOOO!!!!!! Please, please, does anyone have a solution for my problem here? I would really really appreciate that.

  110. i clicked shift restore and i tires shift update it
    still says its not compatable WTF


  111. Man.. It worked!! After 3 tries. I guess the third times the charm huh. First and second time a got a message saying update not compatible with ipod. My iPod then went into recovery mode.
    For people having the same problem: to get out of recovery mode without having to restore your iPod and thus lose all your data, unplug your ipod from the computer and hold the lock+home button till it switches off. Then, hold the lock button for 2 seconds till the apple logo shows. then wait and it should restore itself.
    Another method that also works (for me atleast): hold lock and home buttons till ipod switches off and comes back on, displaying the apple logo. when the apple logo shows, let go of the lock button and keep holding the home button for about 5 seconds. Then the iPod should go back into normal mode.
    Note that these methods might take a few tries before they work. If these methods aren’t working for you, plug your iPod back into the computer and make sure iTunes is on and says that your iPod is in recovery mode and needs to be restored. Then unplug your iPod and try the aforementioned methods again. Hope this helps!

  112. @ Seymour Dickmeat, (nice nick btw) you know you should’ve been careful enough to realize (just by reading the comments alone) that there is a big chance that you could lose your ipod’s content after going through the process. There’s this nifty program called SharePod (google it) that helps you back up or transfer files from your ipod to your computer. I can’t guarantee that this would provide the solution you need but it would be worth the try.

    I suggest to everyone who doesn’t want to lose their files in their ipod or at least save them, back the fuck up. Download SharePod.

  113. i have a jailbroken ipod touch 2G.

    for some reason when i try to restore using 3.0 it crashes and says “the Ipod “xxx” couldnt not be restored becuase the firmeware is not compatible”.

    any ideas?

  114. Updated my 2 gen ipod touch fine. I used the ‘update’ option on itunes, rather than ‘restore’. This meant i kept all of my stuff on the iPod.

  115. I have problems with my 2g itouch. i tried the 3.0 and it said the not compatible thing. i know the zip file is unzipped so i think it has something to do with the previous owner (i got it off ebay). i also couldnt jailbreak it pretty much because of the same thing. Can anyone help me please. contact me via email at [email protected]

  116. I have upgraded my iPod touch 2G with version 3.0.
    With this file: iPod2,1_3.0_7A238j_Restore

    But now iPod hang on iTunes logo & can not connect.

    any solution??


  117. Thanks a bunch! I was a bit pissed when I came home with a new touch on Sunday and while setting it up saw Apple telling me there was an update and fork over $10 more buck for it. No problems updating for free following the instructions. Using Mozilla if that matters.

  118. It worked… THANK YOU! :) But for other Mac users who didn’t know what to do with the “Shift+Click on Restore” instruction: Mac users should do all the steps but on the “Shift+Click on Restore” you should press “Alt/Option + Click” (Alt/Option is one button). That’s it.
    Thank you again!


  119. It works very fine on ipod 1g.
    if you have a mac you need to press alt (instead of shift) and than click UPDATE.

  120. Yeah! It worked for me too! Verified by replying to an email and turning the iPod Touch sideways… Landscape keyboard! Whoopdi-doo! Windows Mobile’s been having this!

  121. Just upgraded my touch 1G and it messed it up and lost all my files. However when you click restore it downloads the file directly from apply on your itunes. Hope this helps! I am hoping to just re-add all my files to the library

  122. I have ipod touch 1g. when i try to update it gives err 14.What does that mean? How do i solve this problem???
    Please reply!!!!!!


  124. When you restore an ipod, it wipes it guys. I forgot about that too actually… I grabbed a DL file from the pirate bay btw. The links here are still borked.

    Seriously, this stuff isn’t complicated guys. Just do some research before messing with things. Google is the first step.

  125. can i revert back to my last firmware . after i did the upgrade my skype does not have any sound. lame. is there any way to fix it or do i just have to pay apple or should i restore to earalier and then update firmware .

    i have a ipod touch 2g with this 3.0 hack from here

  126. Thank you a lot for this tutorial, you are my hero =D & thanks for all the helpful comments, works perfectly :)

  127. Hi I’m trying to update this for my 2nd Generation iPod and I shift+click update and after I click on the file it says that my iPod could not be updated because “Trae’s iPod” (Trae is my name lol) Trae’s iPod was not compatible with the firmware what does this mean? Please tell me what I need to do to fix this wierd problem!?!? Thanks

  128. Nevermind I found the link I just downloaded the link address lol nevermind thanks THIS ROCKS!!!

  129. I can´t even start..i´m too stupid. When i press shift and hit restore it always restores the original firmware. I don´t see no window where to choose the other firmware. Does this only work with windows?

  130. it works!!!!
    updated 2g ipod
    Use shift+update to keep all ur stuff instead of restore!

  131. Hi There! I need your help. I have a Ipod Touch current firmware is 2.2.1. After I downloaded all 3 files (.rar) from Ipod Touch 2G, I used the WinRAR application to extract to a single file. It seems to work. But when I try to update the Ipod Touch using the iTunes, I got an error message : ” The Ipod could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible”.

    I dont know to use HJ-Split with .rar files.

    Thank you for your help,

  132. wait hang on, so upon downloading the upgrade to the itouch, how do i back up my itouch? -_- this seems rather complex..

  133. This is what my page says to me when i click on the update

    An error occurred while processing your request.

    Reference #50.24268343.1246297867.c567abd

  134. John,

    Thank you for the info (option rather than shift) I kept pushing shift, no dice no dice. Thank you!

  135. if u click option + update it just updates instead of restarting and u dont lose any songs

  136. AMAZING! I have a iPod Touch 2G, bought kind of recently.

    http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/ – SECOND DROP DOWN, LAST OPTION

    downloaded it (took 25 minutes!)

    made sure my iPod had already the necessary updates so far.

    iTunes – iPod name – Shift+Update – file

    and it worked! :DDDDDD now, I’m just syncing my library with my iPod. Thanks a million!

  137. hey I am trying to update my Ipod Touch 2g 32gb firmware 2.2.1 to OS 3.0. I am on a mac and I have tried to follow the “alt + click” update technique and each time the same error pops up telling me that my firmware file is not compatible…

    I would really appreciate some enlightenment seeing as i am not highly educated in computer usage…

  138. The ipod Touch 1g link isn’t working… Fix it plz…. It says that I may not have the permissions to continue…

  139. Did you guys even go to the felixbruns website?? If you read it you’ll see that the firmware file is downloaded from an Apple server and always the most updated version of that particular firmware – verify in the download window by seeing the url where the file is coming from. Then change the extension to .ipsw and SHIFT-UPDATE in iTunes, browse to the file, and update away! Thanks blogsdna!

    Interestingly, winzip thinks the file is actually a zip file so the ipsw compression must be very similar…

  140. Same here. I tried both the “shift+update” and “shift+restore” and I get an error stating that the update is not compatible each time.

  141. I figured out the problem! I, like many other people commenting, kept getting the “update is not compatible message.” I got it 4 times in a row.

    I followed the steps that were posted, religiously. Same resaults each time.

    Then I tried Stunky’s step 5, a suggestion:

    “5. click on “check for update”. it will take you to the page where it says the features and says “buy for 9.99? or “cancel”.”

    When I clicked “update” (not shift + update, I got a message that said I needed to upgrade to iTunes 8.2 in order to do that.

    I upgraded to vs. 8.2 and then it was smooth sailing. I shift + restored my iPod into 3.0 bliss.

    Here are the steps again, originally posted by Stunky:

    “1. Download the 2nd gen [or 1st gen] 3.0 ispw file.
    2. load up iTunes.
    3. plug in your iPod Touch.
    4. it will show up in your iTunes. now on the main screen for it, there will be 2 options: “check for update” and “restore”
    5. click on “check for update”. it will take you to the page where it says the features and says “buy for 9.99? or “cancel”.

    ****If you don’t have the correct version of iTunes, at this point, it will let you know that you need to upgrade to 8.2. DO IT****

    6. press the cancel button.
    7. now it will return to the main page you were at, except this time it will say “update” instead of “check for update”
    8. hold your shift key and left click “update”
    9. double click the 3.0 file you downloaded.
    10. let it run its course like normal.”

  142. Quote “Same here. I tried both the “shift+update” and “shift+restore” and I get an error stating that the update is not compatible each time.”

    Tried it a few more times and I get the same results. It will start like it is updating/restoring and give me “This update is not compatable, Unknown Error – 101” at the end. From there, it totally wipped the info from the ipod and I have to start over from the beginning. I was trying to go from ipod 2G 2.2.1 to 3.0. Any ideas?

  143. Have you tried recovery mode? Hook up to iTunes and then hold power+home for 10 sec. then release home and wait for iTunes to recognize the ipod in recovery mode. Then do the shift+restore and browse to the firmware file. It whipes everything off but will re-sync everything after its done upgrading to 3.0 if you let it create a backup previously.

    Good idea with the check for update & then cancel theory! When mine only had “check for updates” and no “update” button, I just restored it. Worked great – just gotta download my apps again…

  144. Ok, I got it to work this time. I was using itunes 8.1 and needed to upgrade to 8.2. I could not upgrade my ipod using “shift + upgrade” but had do it as a recovery using “shift + recovery”. The worst part was that the backup only captured my apps and NOT my music. I will have to go through and re-create my playlists but at least I didn’t have to pay apple $10 for something that should have been free.

  145. I have itunes 8.2 AND my ipod updated to the latest firmware and i still get the “firmware not capable” when i try both shift+update AND shift+restore.

    i’ve even bothered to restore my ipod and try to upgrade to 3.0 from a fresh ipod but still fails on me.

    does my ipod have to be jail broken first to do this?

  146. Worked Great! Thanks a million. I had heard that Apple makes us pay for the upgrades because the folks that have a phone contract for the iPhone pay for the updates thru the fees from their contract. So they won’t give it to the touch users for free.

  147. Please Help me. i got error 10.

    and i cant install iTunes8.2 it ses ” .ewe is not valid win32 application”

    anyone can help?
    Thanks in advance

  148. why does this keep comming out???

    An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #50.258933d0.1246661695.129f7869

  149. THANK YOU!! everything worked perfectly follow

    Written By Kel

    directions woot im happy =DD

  150. If you cannot download the file, do a google search for the file ( I searched for iPod1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw) and you should get a link somewhere on there for megaupload or rapidshare, or whatever.

    Just google the file itself.

    Good luck.

  151. For all who get the “firmware not compatible” issue. I had the same problem and after spending several hours trying different combinations of things, I finally spent the 10 bucks through itunes. It supposedly downloaded and installed the same file, but the checksums were different. So I’d advise you to double check the checksums on the file you downloaded.

    This is the checksum (cksum) of the DL which I bought thru itunes & that autoinstalled for me on my ipod touch 2g 2.2.1:

    2027297460 291140244 iPod2,1_2.2.1_5H11a_Restore.ipsw

    And This the checksum of the file I downloaded for free that didn’t work using any variety of methods: I used IE to download, which was probably my first mistake.

    4262700201 270315598 iPodTouch 2G 3.0 Gold Master Final – iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

    It’s too late for me, but Maybe this’ll help point out the problem many are having.

  152. CORRECTION: Autocomplete gave me the wrong file on the checksum i wrote above. The actual working file checksum for the 3.0 upgrade i bought was:

    572924088 270315364 iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

    (Note the right filename this time.)
    Everything else on my last post is right, sorry bout that.

  153. Hi, I just wanna say that, it’s not Shift + Restore but Shift + Update…
    I just updated my iPod Touch 2Gen, everything is fine

    Thanks so much guys

  154. Can anybody help here???

    I got the file not capable too, can anybody possiblely help me????

    And by the way, I’m planning to jailbreak my iPod, so if I can get this solved shoud I update my iPod or restore it?

  155. !!! Awesome!!! 10 bucks saved.. To bad my friend next to me just bought it cause he got pissed… lol… hes even more pissed right now. and hes tryin to tell me that ill go to jail cause of this XD

  156. how do i change the .zip file to a .ipsw file? because when i click shift + restore i can’t see the file? can someone help/?

  157. the download link for ipod touch 2g wont work. takes me to a site n says error. any help?

  158. please fix the links, every time i click it, it sends me to another page, telling me there was an error.

  159. Thai Ipod User

    Thank you so much for these comments and solution of updating itouch firmware 3.0 for 2nd gen. It works awesomely, I also installed jailbreak for my itouch. I haven’t found any issue..

  160. hiya guys

    i have read through all the comments on here and didnt see anyone having my problem

    when i hold shift & click update all i get is a pop up box that tells me i can but 3.0 from itunes, never once got the file location box, has anyone else had this problem? if so how did u get round this ?

    if anyone can help, can u email me on [email protected]

    cheers ric

  161. it worked on my 1G! the first time i got an error message on itunes, so i restored my ipod to factory settings, and tried it again.. and it worked.. the bad thing is that i didn’t back up my ipod first.

  162. Did not work at all! on Ipod Touch 1G
    Tried iPod in recovery mode – Did not work!
    Tried as stated in the post – Did not work!
    Waste of time, every time i tried it restored to my origional settings NOT to 3 firmware settings

  163. HI , i have downloaded all the correct firmware but once the update has been compleated back on the itunes main page it still has my ipod touch 2G at the original 2.2.1

    why wont it change to 3.0


  164. Was nervous about trying this but worked like a charm on my gen1. Thanks OP and everyone else with helpful info.

  165. Thanks guys, salute.
    I download file for 2G,connect ipod, Press shift+update and wait.


  166. I just downloaded the update for a first gen touch. To get around losing everything I changed the .zip at the end of the file name to.ipsw. Then I created a folder called ipod software updates inside the documents and settings-application data-apple computer-itunes folder. Then I copied the update to the ipod software updates folder and started up itunes. It told me that there was a 3.0 software update and would I like to install. I said yes and away it went. I lost nothing at all.
    Hope this helps some of you. This was on a PC by the way.

  167. hi folks….it s not working for me….i have 2G ipod touch and when i clik shift and restore and choose from the list the stupid machine tells me that : could not be restored because the firmwere file is not compatible….
    heeeellllppppp anyone…

  168. I follow the instructions perfectly but it says that it isn’t compatible with the firmware or whatever. The same problem that LOOSENUT has lol.

    email me at

    [email protected]


  169. How Do you save it as a link because when i added ispw to the link it reset the connection or something

  170. Hey guys, if you dont really want to loose all your data I recommened you try this. Firstly insert your ipod touch and check for updates. A page should come up telling you about the ipod touch upgrade and the cost of it. Click cancel or No, thanks depending on where you live. Now you’ve done that the “Check for updates” button should have changed to “update”. Click shit+update and then find the .ipsw file thing you downloaded for your ipod touch. Now itunes should then update your ipod to 3.0 without deleting all your apps, music and videos.

  171. Works Great
    Just download frm http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/
    Update iTunes to 8.2
    press shift and click on update
    locate your downloaded file(.ipsw and dont change the original name)
    then let iTunes do its bit
    after sum time the ipod will restart(so iTunes wont detect it 4 dat moment)and then whoa
    Firmware 3.0 is yours(and ur ipod’s)

  172. It worked fine on my 1G 32GB touch. First I tried shift-clicking update but got an ‘unknown error’. With the ipod now in recovery mode I shift-clicked restore and selected the file again and it worked. itunes then resynced my ipod.
    I downloaded the file from http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/.

  173. For the people who don’t get a list to choose from: I had the same problem. I was on vista and it did not show me the list. But it worked on XP. Hope this helps.

  174. Worked like a charm for me, a Mac user! :) No data lost at all, just alt + left click the update button!

  175. just downloaded the 3.0 for my ipod touch and now my ipod is not working just stays on the edit home screen someone plz HELP!

  176. I couldn’t get it to browse for the firmware file and the first time it downloaded and restored to the current 2x firmware. If you put the firmware into the downloads folder and delete all other versions from that folder it then uses the firmware you gave it, and it did say it was upgrading.

    ~/Library/iTunes/iPod Software Updates/

    using firmware from

    update worked fine and about registers correct version

    First attempt that downloaded and used 2x firmware did wipe out all apps, but iPod was brand new so it didn’t matter, iTunes did give option to restore apps from its backup after I got 3.0 on there and that appeared to go through fine, but I had no settings in place to see if they restored.

  177. holy crap!!!!!!!!!!! it works like a charm, so happy there are people like you out there to show greed corporations who’s bosss!

  178. If I update my iPod using this, will I still be able to purchase Apps from the App Store using my iTunes account? Will my warranty be void? Thanks !

  179. wow!!! Worked like a freaking charm!! no issues at all for me (usually i have to change a bunch of settings on my computer for stuff like this)! I have no clue how this is legal haha, but im glad it works thanks a ton!! the felixbruns.de place is where i got mine btw

  180. thanks for your awesome help it’s worked this is pretty cool if your ipod don’t wanna update in this way please keep doing this three time but mine took only once fast and easy
    now I wanna know if i can jailbreak it now it’s running on 3.0 G thanks so much you should start your own device

  181. Hi, I’ve updated my firmware and in the process all my music and videos have disappeared-as in I my music folder says there’s no content, but the info says that the ipod is still full!! Please help!!

  182. Thanks so much! instructions were precise! Just updated my ipod touch 2g to 3.0, without losing any data on my ipod! Mighty excited! You people rock here!!! Cheers

  183. This was really simple and worked the first time. I can’t thank you enough. I think it;s really awful the apple charges for firmware updates now!

  184. Worked on first try using firmware from http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/ however, now my apps wont open. I went through and synced my itouch, reset it by holding the power and home button, reset it by going into setting and resetting all settings, i deleted all apps and tried re-installing them and still no luck…. any ideas?

    itouch 2g

  185. I recently downloaded the 3.0 firmware succesfully to my computer. When i open itunes and shift-click restore i can see the file but when i go to open it, it opens into the other files in the folder and will not let me select the whole folder for download. Please help

  186. I have ipod touch first generation.I downloaded iPod1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore from http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/ and tried to update.Everything messed up,i lost my data.In between update i got error popup saying itune not able to update software unknown error has occured.I have no idea what going on with my ipod.I restore it to now factory setting,I am back to basic.If anyone has faced similar problem and got rid of it please reply

  187. i managed to solve it.Instead of using shift-update use shift-restore..then ipod will pick up new software.

  188. did it, worked fine, yes
    but now i cant send emails from mypod. anyone with similar problem, well actually i’m only interested in solving the issue, any advice??? cause now its kinda super useless

  189. Hi guys,

    I’m really pissed off.
    I’ve downloaded the os 3.0 for my iTouch 2g 32G, clicked on shift+restore, then it seemed to be updating for about 5min and then i’ve got an error and the only thing i have on my iTouch now is the USB cable. Nothing works for me now as iTunes does not give me any other option but Restore and it pops aut the same error each time. Like i said, i cannot get into the iPod at all. When i turn it on, the USB cable appears and nothing works.

    PS: I bought this iTouch as a birthday gift for my wife and i only have 3 days to fix it.

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

  190. I think we all screwed up. Alien you are lucky cause you can just take yours back to the store and get a new one. Once you do that pay the 10 bucks for the stupid update.

    I haven’t done it yet, but i am going to try to get it back to 2.0 then pay for the 3.0 upgrade. its only 10 bucks and if i have the same issues then i can at least call customer support. I didn’t realize it was something that i could get from apple, i thought it wasn’t release yet. 10 bucks people..come on.

  191. GOT IT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    REMEMBER 1 MAJOR THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  192. if ur smart enough u can do it. download the 3.0 firmware and when it ask “save as” just add .ipsw.. follow the instruction on the top and there..

  193. Thanks Sandip and Stunky for urs information and the update procedure…
    It works at my iPod 2G, and all my info still in my iPod…
    You save my $9.95…Appreciate… and thanks again…

  194. mine is iPod touch 2g with firmware 2.2.1. turned it to 3.0
    just download the correct firmware specified, connect ipod to pc, open itunes, click shift + left click on restore, find the .ipsw file for 3.0 firmware and that’s it
    it should work smoothly just like restoring your iPod to factory settings. thanks btw.

  195. IPOD 1st gen, 16 gig

    Link didn’t work but googled file and used mega upload…
    (worked perfectly, music and apps lost…)

  196. I’ve tried every method mention in the comments, I’ve tried all the download links for the firmware, yet still, my iTunes says that it is not compatible. Is there anyway I can fix this, I have 3 different firmwares (2 from http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/ and 1 from depositfiles) and neither of them will work, I have tried using both restore and update, even DFU mode, and none will work, I still am not compatible, if someone could help me, that would be very much appreciated.

  197. hi i am tech geek , i can fix ur problem,i ve also updated my ipod touch using this method and saved 10 bucks!!!,contact me for more information

  198. Man, i just cannot update or restore my Ipod Touch 2G ver. 2.2.1 to 3.0, i already follow the tut but the thing is i got this thing on my itunes and it says “the firmware is not compatible” i did everything guys what should i do!!!!!

  199. Jonzki
    Try to plug you iPod USB cable to the back connectors of the computer, it worked for me!
    the front USB connector sometime don’t provide enough power to support updates.
    and don’t forget to reinstall the latest version of iTunes 8.2!

    it should work!

  200. thanks alot guys it worked perfectly. what i did was download the files and SAVE them to a desktop file, not open and then select all three and click extract here. then did exactly as it says and right now im just re-syncing everything. I wish i would have done this when i first got my ipod!!!

  201. hey guys quick question….. there is no download link for itouch 1g 3.0 ..its not working..and ive read all teh comments and went to the other website mentioned above…so im downloading 3.1.1 as we speak…willl i be able to jailbreak it like 3.0

  202. Need help I got an iPod touch 1g with version 1.1.5 which version should I select on the web you post.. Is it the first one were it said 1g/2g?

  203. the only thing i have on my ipod Touch now is the USB cable. PLEASE someone help me! what should i do about this? when i connect my ipod touch to may pc it does not recognize it. :(

  204. Hi – I just wanted to thank everyone for their help. I successfully installed the Stunky method with 3.1.1 and iTunes 9 without any issues. :)

  205. Hey Jane,

    did you try to plug your itouch to the back USB connector of pc?
    if not, then it’s the time to do that.

    i had the same issue with the image of the USB on the screen, now it’s working fine!

    let me know if it helped.

  206. Ive tried just about every remedy out there and I still get “the firmware is not compatible” !!! Im not computer challeneged either im pretty good ad figuring stuff out but this is one problem that seems to not have a solution :o HELP HELP!! SOMEONE HAS TO KNOW HOW TO FIX “the firmware is not compatible” PROBLEM !! msg me if you can help thx! [email protected]

  207. some one plz help with this compatible thing man! i have a 2G 16G with itunes 9 i cant seem to crack it because of this stupid message some one help!

  208. I I’d the update and it works fine but it’s slow when turning on the iPod and turning it off that’s all I found to be annoying about it

  209. awesome! thanks bro for the software. for other dudes out there. please read carefully all the details so you guys wont encounter any problem :) kudos to all

  210. hey umm the same thing happens When i click on the iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw it goes to a new tab as an error.

  211. when i held shift & clicked restore & clicked the files, it said my iTouch couldn’t be restored because the firmware file isn’t compatible. :( what’s that meann ?

  212. QUESTION – does anybody have a virus, worm scare after doing this? I ran a mcafee scan on the ispw file, nothing. BUT now, mcafee is warning me that my im protection keeps turning off (as well as some others that i can’t remember) i have had to “fix” twice today, and it has me worried. ANYONE else running VISTA and McAfee and getting similar warnings?
    hey, i downloaded file to desktop (ispw as is no file name change), followed the instructions on how to update and have updated ipod touch 2g (did this for 4 ipod touches, 2-8gb, 1-16gb and 1-32gb. did the 32gb one first, then ran update again and got the 3.1.1 installed, don’t seem to be any issues.
    one of the 8gb’s froze after turning off, but this could be a hardware issue. the other 3 ipod touches updated automatically to 3.1.1 when connected. All seem to be running fine, but worried about some kind of hidden infection now.

  213. how come whenever i try to click the link to upgrade my ipod touch 2G to 3.0 it just sends me to an error page. HELP

  214. how come whenever i try to click the link to upgrade my ipod touch 2G to 3.0 it just sends me to an error page. HELP

  215. Hey, I have not read all comments but for the firmware not compatible thing, this is how you fix:
    First go to the file location
    In XP: Click Tools – Folder Options. Then press the view tab. Look for a box that is ticked, it should say “Hide extension for known file types.” Untick the box. Rename the downloaded firmware so that it ends in .ipsw. Now try:)

    In Vista: In the file location press organize (next to view). Choose “Folder and search options.” Then press the view tab. Look for a box that is ticked, it should say “Hide extension for known file types.” Untick the box. Rename the downloaded firmware so that it ends in .ipsw. Now try:)

    This is how I fixed it, after finding out that my firmware was named. ipsw.ipsw, which is why it would not work.
    Good luck:)

  216. This comes from all the links I’ve seen:

    An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #50.124ea7ce.1290366404.13ea198

    Both on mac and pc.


    Thank you.

  217. I downloaded all three version updates, but the first 2 are only 4kb, whereas the third is 317mb. Yet all of them give the same message: “The iPod “ipod name” could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible.”

    Same thing with trying to use the check for update way.

    Any clue on how to get this to work?


  218. Can I get this to work with my 16g ipod? I also have the latest version of itunes 10.1 does this still work?

  219. I keep getting the error page. I’m on a macbook btw. But how do i download if it keeps bringing me to the erroe or forbidden page? Help

  220. hi, i have an itouch 1g. i’m on windows 7 and i’m using the latest itunes version which is 10.2, is there a new step to use? i tried to follow the same steps that you use for the version 8.2 but i still get the error :((

    help please?

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