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Being a huge movie man, I always am looking for new or old flicks to watch. Sure, IMDB has it all but not the search features Movienr has. Movienr gives you the ability to search for movies by genre, theme, place, period, new movies and origin. Using sliders, you can easily select the year range and how the movie is rated.


To get started, register for a free account, log in and click on discover. The best feature I liked about Movienr was the theme selection. There are times when you know what kind of movie you’re looking for, choosing a genre might not do it. For example, you want to watch a movie with a serial killer or something that was a true story. Movienr’s theme features has it all.


After selecting year and movie ratings, click on a particular theme and it will bring down a pretty accurate list of the movies that match your selection.


You can also sort out movies by newest or oldest, by alphabetical order, rate the movies, click on seen, favorite so it doesn’t show you those when you search for the same genre.

All in all, Movienr is one of the best web service that’ll let you search movies that you want to watch.

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