Sunrise: The Smart Calendar App Is Now Available For Android And Web

Sunrise is one of the smart calendar applications developed by former FourSquare employees. The app made its debut in iOS devices. A few months before I reviewed the Sunrise app for iPad. Earlier this week, Sunrise team has extended its support for web and Android devices. So, hereafter you can create and sync events across devices. The Sunrise web interface will let you access the application from any device’s browser. Sunrise supports Google Calendars and Events, so the Android app will definitely reach more people. Lets have a look at the features and functions of the app below.


Sunrise is a free calendar application with a clutter free interface. You can go the web app and download the Android application using the links below. The new Android app contains all the features available on the iPhone and iPad. For iOS devices, the app needs to connect with your iCloud account to sync across devices. Similar to that, you need to connect the Android app with Google Calendar, to sync your events across devices. Also, you can connect your Facebook to sync birthdays and events in the application.


The app uses Google Maps to provide the route, when you create an event or a meeting  in a new location. Also, it contains local weather reports, which will be helpful while you are going to a meeting. The interface of the application is very simple and easy to understand. By just tapping on a day in your Sunrise calendar, you can create events quickly. All the events and notes can be created in a plain language and the app will easily understand the information. Also, Google Contacts and LinkedIn contacts can be added to sync the events and meetings with them.

Watch the video above to know more about the application. Apart from the web app and Android application, Sunrise also introduced the app in Chrome web store. If you are a Chrome user, instead of using the web interface, you can use the Chrome extension to sync your events. Try the new calendar app for Android devices and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Sunrise for Android

Download Sunrise for Chrome

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